Why Israel is So Powerful?

Why Israel is so PowerfulGone are the days where you could keep your eyes close, neglecting all the bloodshed shattering at one end of the world. Thanks to the social media, the ecosphere has turned into a single entity where one can surely not avoid feeling the miseries of fellow humans living in different states across the globe. Having been said so much, it is now obvious that we are back again with something worth considering on Israel—Palestine issue. Though Smart Earning Methods has always respected the fact that we have our beloved readers from almost all the countries, it believes that sharing a thought of humanity with the world may help its readers to explore a better picture of why Israel is so powerful as a state that it has been left all free to have an open massacre in Palestine.

It really doesn’t matters whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu or a Jew to understand how tragic the situation has become in Palestine. All it needs is a heart to feel for the people who are dying daily in pointless attacks. If you are a man of thoughts and often ask yourself a question that what exactly has made Israel this powerful that the world-together cannot make it stop the attacks on Palestine, you need to know all this interesting stuff that we have compiled for you after a deep research.

Intensive Little Jew Force VS Extensive Lost Arab Kings

Map of IsraelThe integrity of any nation relies on the patriotism found within the locals of the country and not on the figurative calculation of the number of people living in the territory. There are about 14 million of Jews in the world. It can be surprising for many of you that there are around 8,134,100 inhabitants living in Israel out of which 75% of the population consists of Jews while 20% of the population comprises of Arab Muslims.

On the other hand, there are approximately 1.57 billion Muslim adherents all over the world, making up around 23% of the total population of the world.

It still is a good question that Israel with 7 Million of Jewish population has nailed down Palestine with frequent brutal attacks though Palestinians have been requesting help from all Muslim states that together contribute as the second major religion practiced in the world.

Taking a deeper look in this curtail situation, it can be concluded that though the Muslims outnumber the Jews of Israel with a huge margin, the major powerful leaders of the Arab world are all lost in enjoying the worldly benefits for themselves and are least bothered to play their part in bringing peace to the world. It is so confusing to find that almost the entire world is supporting Palestine and condemning Israel for its brutality towards Palestinians, there is, however, hardly any productive outcome seen or even expected.

Arab Leaders in Palestinian issue

On the contrary, no matter how wrong their agenda shall be, the Jews of Israel have always been focused towards their mission, that is, to destroy Palestine completely.

Israeli Unity

Israel and its Strong Military Ownership

With 7 million of Jews including children, women and aged-citizens, Israel makes the strongest military of the world. Interesting, isn’t it? Israel is the only country in the world where it is compulsory for women even to be a part of the Military.

Israeli women in army

Despite of being less in number, Jews are capable of training their offspring to continue their mission and safeguard their identity. Probably for this reason, the Israelis have lately started a new session of training young kids on how to use high-tech weapons that are used in the recent attacks made on GAZA.

Israeli kids bombarding Palestine

Kids Racism in Israel

It comes as no surprise that in countries, other than Israel, children are condemned to be weapon-friendly in order to promote peace.

Powerful Supporter VS Unreliable Fellow Muslim States

America Supports Israel

Since the end of World War II, United States has managed to rule the world being its super power and has benefited the countries that are its allies. Though USA has always appreciated the concept of capitalism and religious freedom, it has also played a significant role in backing up its allies that have had often violated the major principles of freedom to life. Israel enjoys a strong association of America and probably that is the reason the Massacre at Palestine is not reaching its ceasefire because the only nation that can do so, happens to be an Israel supporter.

US Weapons at Israel

As per the authentic reports revealed, Israel has a strong mechanism of purchasing latest weaponry from USA that has further given the country an upper hand over the deteriorated army of Palestine. Whereas, the Kings and Royals of the Arab world have always played a safe game by trying to be in the good books of all the super powers and are too lost in their own states. Other than the Gulf States, Muslim countries elsewhere in the world are suffering to the best themselves.

Sheikhs of Arab and Luxuries

How they See Humanity!

As per the Holy Book of Muslims, it is forbidden for them to kill or even injured women, children and old civilians during the war. Islam promotes peace, tolerance and brotherhood and probably this is one of foremost reasons why the Muslim states do not retaliate in the same way as Zionist states are attacking Muslims and Christians in Palestine.


On the other hand Jews of Israel are all set to clean sweep Palestine to such an extent that they believe to kill all women, demolish all their homes and kill all their men.

Child in Palestine

A well-known Israeli politician and parliament member has branded Palestinians as terrorists, saying mothers of all Palestinians should also be killed during the ongoing Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, Daily Sabah reported.

Ayelet Shaked

Ayelet Shaked of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”


“They have to die and their houses should be demolished so that they cannot bear any more terrorists,They are all our enemies and their blood should be on our hands. This also applies to the mothers of the dead terrorists.”

The difference is OBVIOUS!

We leave you with a point to think about. We leave you with the thousands of wounded children who have no homes, no families, no food and no security. We leave you with a hundreds of women who are sexually tortured, slaughtered and disgraced. We leave you with a nation of 7 millions of Jews who aim to promote Palestinian Genocide. We leave you with a thought that what makes Israel so powerful!

It is your silence actually!

Let us hope to see a day when this Israel-Palestine conflict reaches its end.


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  1. disagree with the first part! feelings on social media are pseudo, people only try to SHOW how much they C.A.R.E.

    • Hi Fareed,

      I partially agree with you on this that people are expected to do even more than just portraying they care. Social Media, however, has played a vital role in spreading the real picture of Palestinian suffering door to door.

      Things were pretty similar in 1990’s but hardly anyone knew about the rough numeric estimation of casualties.

  2. Well said. The only reason is that we gave them a chance to become strong. And today no one stands against them…

  3. I forgot who started this war? Didnt Israel give Hamas 48 hours to stop shooting rockets? Doesnt Hamas specifically say in their charter to Kill all JEWS not only to take over Israel.
    Who celebrates when the other side suffers? Who danced celebrated and gave out candy on 9/11?

    • Hi Eugene,

      Thanks a lot first of all for bearing with us. The topic or rather the perception shared in this post may not have been appreciated by you, and that’s totally understandable. Human killing is worst of all no matter whoever does it. Extremism whether it be among Muslims or Jews is something, we, the normal people really do not approve in this century.

    • Eugene, Still you cannot defend massacre of Palestinians. You can’t kill someone if he hates you and ask yourself why they hate Israel, They hate Israel because of ruthless behaviour Israel has shown to Palestinians. How will you react if someone came into your house and then occupies it? Definitely, you will hate him. Palestinians are justified to hate Israel because they consider Israel nothing but an invader. Why do you people forget history so early? Don’t you know how did the false state of Israel came into existence? They occupied the Palestinian territory and then just declared a state in Palestinian land after world war 2. If you believe that they were justified to do that because they were in power then let Hamas do what they do if it is about power. Let me mention a custom here which I read in Count of Morcef a famous European play. Mount of Monte Cristo said to Albert when he came to fight with him in the play he said “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye that is the rule I follow” So if your philosophers have conveyed this idea then let me say again that Palestinians are justified to hate Israel and why they should not? What will you do if someone captures your house and then burns it? What will you do if someone kills your loved ones? What will you do if someone lays siege to your town? Will you love him? You talked about 9/11, Let me answer your allegation with a question. What will you do to a person who supports your enemy? Wouldn’t you feel happy if your enemies supporter gets some damage? Palestinians were justified to celebrate 9/11 because they were thinking that it was a strike from muslims since America is supporter of Israel and is paying Israel to kill innocent Palestinians. And let me tell you, I or any muslim never feels happy on killing of any innocent, I feel very sorry for the families of those who were killed in 9/11 attacks and let me mention many muslims were killed in the attacks too. But why don’t you use your mind? Can’t you understand that it was impossible for any terrorist group to hijack three jets with knives in a country like America and then attack country’s most valuable assets. What was American Air force doing after the first attack? How can two jets manage to collapse the whole World trade centre building since they hit the top of the building? A building may collapse if it is hit on the base but it may not collapse if the upper portion is hit since the base is safe, the roots should manage to stand buildings infrastructure on the same position. Read about the small blast people heard just before the collapse.
      I will not post the whole conspiracy here, I will advice you to go to youtube and search 9/11 conspiracy theory in which they have shown the tiny manual blasts which a video captured. Many people told news papers and write books and mentioned that they were granted some days leave in name of surveillance and security checks by CIA. However, they never find a change in the building since they joined their duties again. Do you know not a single Jew was killed in 9/11 attacks? However, 500 jews were employs of the World trade Centre. It was just a well planed script which was made my illuminaties to get a reason to invade muslim countries.

  4. Thanks for this write up. But one thing you missed is that you forgot to put things in their right perspective. In as much as I do not support any form of extremism, it must be noted that the Palestinians are the ones who have refused to give peace a chance.

    The current crisis started from Palestinians killing 3 Israeli kids and also piling several missiles against Israel when a few Israeli kids retaliated by killing just a Palestinian kid.

    Hamas have on different occasions fired rockets into Israel, using civilian areas as their cover-ups. When Israel warned of their decision to fight back, nobody took them serious. If there must be peace, the Palestinians must learn to be peaceful and stop fooling the world.

    They create troubles and start expecting the world to come to their aid. Israel has no doubt applied excessive force this time around (which I do not support). But this only happened because of the antics the Palestinians were applying.

    Besides, Muslims must learn to live in peace with their neighbours and stop fomenting trouble everywhere – Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.
    Nobody hates them; they are only suspicious of their neighbours and making everyone live in fears. Have you ever asked yourself why is there too much extremism in Islam? That’s a food for thought for all of us.

    • I urge you to broaden your research on world politics and reality of the situation. Muslims are not creating troubles in the areas you mentioned, it is something else, which you can discover upon your research about Islam and New World Order.

      I have often asked many critical questions about Islam myself, which lead me to study it. I found no extremism in Islam. Islam is the biggest preacher of Balanced approach. For example consider this, “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.” – Chapter 2, Verse 90.

      In this verse there is a lesson of being balanced and just even in the self defense, yes, even in the self defense. If this Israel would have so just, it would not use such brutal forces and weapons in so called self defense.

    • Do not try to put this into perspective. Two wrongs do not make a right. The last thing Palestine supporters need is an equally irrational justification for a genocide. If we are to justify Hitler’s treatment of the then Jews, then we are no better than the Jews today justifying the treatment of Palestinian Muslims now. Think about it, and don’t weaken the stance of Muslims on this issue by hailing what Hitler did.

      • I don’t know why people comment before research. Please, for the sake of God read history. Do you know who was the funder of Hitler???? Do you know how many sectors Jewish people have? Do you know which sector of Jews Hitler was killing? The Jews who were killed by Hitler were not Zionist :@….. They belong to another sector.
        Let me give you a hint! Presscot Bush,an American banker who was also the grandfather of George W. Bush (former American President) was funding Hitler….
        Everyone who wants to learn about the well planned Drama to implement New World Order in the world should watch The Arrivals on youtube. Please for the God sake. Don’t think that Hitler was an enemy to Jews. He may be the enemy of Jews but he was helper of Zionist….. He helped them to get a reason to declare a new Jewish or I should say Zionist State. The massacre of the Jews by Hitler in world war 2 was nothing but a plan to get rid of anti zionist Jews and to get a reason to declare a Zionist state in the name of Jews massacre in world war 2…………………………….
        I wish if I have explained clearly…………………… But please watch the arrivals, it is an interesting documentary film which will help you to understand the phenomena which is called ILLUMINA, FREE MASONS, SKULL AND BONES or I should categories them into the secret societies banner. For all muslims I was to clear that these societies I have mention are helpers of Dajjal L.A. And for all Christians I should say that these societies I have mentioned are helper of Anti-Christ who is called Dajjal l.a in Arabic.

        • Sorry for some grammer mistakes I have made, :() since I was so tired when I was typing the comment :P…….

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