Is Queen Elizabeth really worth $100 Billions?

Is Queen Elizabeth really worth $100 Billions“Brand Finance Research shows that from an economic standpoint at least, the royalists firmly have the upper hand.” This statement comes from the Brand Finance Chief Executive, David Haigh. That rightly brings the attention towards the British Royal Family of the time and make you get what David means to say. It becomes critical when he partially believes the monarch form of government to be unfair or at least debatable.

In recent few past days, the news of the British Royal family becoming the longest serving monarch with Queen Elizabeth, in British History. That also tends towards breaking the records of Queen Victoria for her twenty three thousand days as reigning monarch. That too at an approximate level. The new findings were then followed by another big deal. The Brand Finance Research made the honor to measure the worth of the Royal family to be almost $88 Billion on records. Brand Finance’s findings regarding Queen Elizabeth’s net worth three years back showed an estimated amount of $68 million. That was at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee.

 The figures counted appear to be very large. But the question rises that is it considered a lot even when compared to the stock market capitalizations of major corporations?

The answer to the question is not in assertion most of the time though it is huge but not upto that mark. If the personal worth of the Queen and her related assets are compared to the world’s giants in regard with wealth and riches like we have got Apple on the top of the list. The royal family’s worth makes it to be one seventh of Apple’s value. To Microsoft, her worth is its one-quarter.

How the worth reached the estimated figures


Upon estimating the annual contribution of the monarch to the U.K economy, it was figured as almost $58 billion. It included the cost of security, maintenance of palaces, the tangible assets like The Crown Estate, the Duchies of Cornwall and Lancaster and crown jewels.

Contemplating the worth of the royals


“The introduction of royalties could provide a significant new revenue stream. The unofficial endorsement of Princess Charlotte, Prince George and the Duchess of Cambridge in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually.”

 David Haigh suggests the idea of paying serious money to endorse brands and putting the financial face of the family to kind of a corporate or business oriented chapter.

He further adds:

“Royal warrants can confer a significant premium to brands in certain industries such as luxury, food, sporting goods and fashion, yet they are currently awarded at no cost to the holder.”

But isn’t it offending for a traditional monarch’s sovereignty, that too in reign for 1200 years.

There definitely is no way to make the royalty’s name a tag for buying and selling purpose. It can not be suggested to experience a pin-off marketing for their fortune to avoid the economic pressure. After all, Royalty needs to be proven with keeping it away from the ordinary ones!

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