Hot iPhone5 Cases with cheap Prices

iphone coversWith the world going viral with iPhone fever, having an iPhone case is as essential as having a working charger for your phone. No matter whether you are teenager, or a working lady, a housewife or a business man, a retired officer or a sportsman, you need to have a stylish case for your iPhone to protect it from been damaged by mishandling, and at the same time, telling out the world loudly that you are as stylish as your iPhone.

Here are 15 most trendy iPhone Covers at cheap rates and can be purchased online by selecting one of these at

1) All in Pink

price: $ 19.99

all in pink

Specially designed cover for the teenage brats is one of the most wanted shades in the market. the delicate style and the durable construction, with a smooth access to all ports of the phone. If you love pink, make your decision now!

2) Red and white

price: $ 29.99


This case offers a dual protection for your iPhone 5. The two layers effectively protects your phone from dust and water. The color combination makes it further unique, where white reflects decency and red adds the real touch, making it one of the most wanted cases.

3) Abstract

price: $ 29.99


If you are looking for something better than the plain background of your case, this abstract print can be a good option. The cases are widely available in different shades, broadening your options to choose the best one that matches your personality.

4) Sports Armband

price: $ 24.99

sporty iphone

Have you ever forgotten your phone while roaming around having your set in hand? Well, I have. It has been observed that the iPhone users actually love to keep their phones attached to themselves. for them, here is a better option

5) Mazarin

price: $ 29.99


If you are  simplicity lover, all you need to have here is to select your color and enjoy your iPhone’s protection with simplicity.

6) Metallic white

price: $ 34.99

metallic white

Did you ever find it difficult to choose a color for your Mobile set’s body, having options like silver, graphite grey or black? With your iPhone, you can enjoy them all. For all metallic white lovers, this is surely one of the best cases to choose for protection.

7) i-Diary

price: $ 34.99


It is the time to introduce some real decent pieces for the elite class of our readers. Actually this is the one my Mother likes the most, With your i-Diary, you can carry your business cards, master cards and a lot more with your iPhone. Highly recommended!

8) I-Pouch

price:  $ 39.99

i-phone pouch

If you are looking for leather to take care of your set, giving it a trendy look, get your hands on the i-Pouch, as we say it so! you can keep your Earphones, bluetooth devices in the back pocket that is especially designed for this. Available in two colors, choose the one you like the best.

9) Jazzy i-phone

price: $ 29.99

jazzy Iphone

If your life as happening as jazz music, you need to choose this jazzy i-phone cover for your handset.


10) i-Defender

price: $59.95


This is what actually is designed for the nature lovers. there is something stylish hidden in the layout and color selection of this cover, use it to feel it.

11) i-elephant

Price:  $24.99


Having a look at this, my 12-years old Brother is now craving to get something similar for his smartphone. If you are a teenager or want to gift your little mates something special, try this cover out.

12) i-monkey

price: $24.99


Another good option to choose as stated above.

13)  i-mojo

Price: $30


Stylish case-cum-keychain for your iPhone set

14)  i-snoopy

Price: $29.99


For the snoopy lovers, a must buy product to give a snoopy look to your Phone!

15)  i-book

price: $34.99


For your iPhone Set, if you are looking for a simple and decent cover, then this one can be a good choice.

With this the post comes to an end, do share your views about the covers.


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  1. iPhone5 Cases are looking awesome. I like #2 (red and white ) it’s looking professional and cost also reasonable $ 29.99.Thanks for gathering this good stuff for us.

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