Top 10 Internet Based Companies in 2012!

internet based businessWith the world going online, the most successful niche to choose as a business is undoubtedly, an Internet Based Business. It turns out to be surprising enough to know that the internet Based countries are generating much more revenue than the companies of the real world. We have been sharing great deal of top 10s’ with our readers and here we present an inspirational post for all those who are planning to start their online Business now!


Website type: e-commerce

It is an American multinational electronic commerce company, setup by bookseller, Amazon, where you can never leave empty handed after finding online merchandisers of  electronics, music, games, toys, sports, computers, tools, books, groceries, car parts, garden items and anything which you can possibly think off is available on the site to shop online. It provides general help like shipping and deliveries, browse best sellers and new release albums etc. It is being preferred by most profitable companies.


Website Type: Search Engine

It has been ranked #1 for the last five years for being the most popular, manageable, user friendly search engine which provides you with the best possible solutions and seamless information that will be relevant to the quires by listing them, the popular solution being the top most. Whatever it is, no matter how much difficult to answer, Google will do the exploration in seconds to provide a solution. Google Inc was the first privately held company, the company’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. It also provides services like productivity software, editing photos, instant messaging.

Website Type: Internet social networking

Mark Zuckerberg father of face book, initially started ‘Face mash’ as a fun project where people from his university can vote on people attractiveness later this project sowed the seeds for Face book  from his dormitory room, which is currently entertaining 900 million users worldwide and he was the billionaire at the age of 23. Face book is global social networking sites where comments, video links, pictures can be shared, liked and vote for preference and you can always crash your friends dating spots by looking at their status updates.   Let everybody know where you are whenever, wherever you want through Face book.


Website Type: Explosion to world of videos

Anything, anytime, anywhere if you need to see, share or search a video that is worth of glimpse and attention YouTube is a platform that is preferred all over the world. It takes minutes to get acknowledgment by world if you are good enough to be singer, teacher comedian and actor. The website holds from movies to teasers, from advertisements to daily uploads, from Masters/PhD/ class tutorials to entire music albums. All what you need to visualize is available on YouTube which is just click away.


Website Type: e-commerce, web portal and network communication

What makes yahoo the best that it is, world’s most visited home page daily, always included in one of the most profitable websites as it is always found where you will find Google, where you need to send an e-mail or get in touch with friends, thinking of e-commerce and stay up to date with the latest news. It also provide variety of services like web portal, search engine, advertising, video sharing, yahoo finance, online mapping and many more.


Website Type: Online business, selling, buying and shipping

If money is boiling out of wallet and account, eBay is a right place to burn it, just buy it new and buy it now. It provides access to buy and sell latest collectibles, cars, electronics, baby items, sporting goods, digital cameras, coupons and many more. It is the most highly jammed traffic market where you can shop right from your home and enjoy free shipping. Though there are a lot of competitors but it continue to provide help to newbie entrepreneurs.


Website Type:  online encyclopedia applications

The very first priority of every user when it comes to research is Wikipedia, as it is the most easiest way to dig into the core of the subject because of its free handed encyclopedia domain. It is most users adapt and managed website holding answers to every question except porn. Anyone can edit the web page as it based on copy-paste phenomenon. It is the only website presents almost every language. The Wikipedia articles are assigned to undergraduate students to every year for improvement.


Website Type: provide collection of Microsoft websites

If you need to download a Microsoft software and looking for its services, simply log on to the site and enjoy PC modifications. It is the one of the most visited domain on internet due to its web based e-mail and instant messaging services, news, sports, entertainment, celebrity gossips, weather details, software updates, articles by Microsoft staff members, online shopping and many more. Initially in 1995 it was simply an online service for Windows 95 and now it is a popular internet portal and most popular dial-up internet service provider.

9. Liberty Media

Website Type: e-commerce market and American media firm

If you are brand lover and looking for minute to minute, unfiltered news, free of manipulations and barrels it is a right place to log in. It is ranked in the list of top 10 internets based companies due to its good track record of branded websites, more room for expansion and advancement and low fix cost makes it available for the world industries to go online. It provides major headlines to TV entertainment, STARZ, Discovery Channel and QVC.


Website Type: online payment, electronic cash category

If you need to transect your money in seconds, safely and need an online payment, auction something, receive money or setup an account, PayPal is a right place to do so. It operates in 190 markets and holds 232 million users transecting their money through it. It is widely use in global e-commerce and permit payment and money transfer transductions online. It is still not accessible in Pakistan, Dubai, India and few others but it rapidly encircling the globe.

Internet make it easy like a piece of a cake to find anything, anywhere, anytime, it is just a click away.

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