4 Instagram Critical Threats to User Privacy!

Instagram Critical Threats TO USER PRIVACYIt would take ages if we start discussing the pros and cons of how technology is affecting the world and lives of individuals in general but the debate won’t get settled anywhere. These days when the social networking has turned into the prime medium under the slogan of keeping world connected, what naïve users are encountering every second is a threat to privacy which is getting harder day by day to maintain if you are into online sharing world.

We have been sharing much about the online photo sharing website Instagram with you all and have also shared a great deal on how the tool can be used a business generating platform, but here we are again with all our concern towards our precious readers’ privacy and security.

Here are 4 Instagram critical threats to user privacy, read them carefully!

1) Photos set to public are always at risk

As a marketing stunt, we did share a tip for the Instagram businessmen to make sure that they share their pictures publicly so that the word can reach out to anyone who is in search of a similar content. Take it the other way now. Sharing pictures where you can also be seen as a public photo allows the world to see it, copy it, use it, and even misuse it!

2) Instagram users and Facebook Takeover

The news that Instagram was taken over by Facebook wasn’t welcomed by majority of the Instagram professional users. Many of the users even twitted about their disapproval and few deleted their accounts completely. A good question here is, Why?


Facebook is a company which believes in keeping everything public so that the world converges to one point and this very idea became the root of social networking. Fair enough, but the users who chose Instagram as their tool believed in the terms and services offered by Instagram and not Facebook. Instagram was far more secure for personal fun pictures to share with friends as compared to that of today

3) Marketers have an access to user activities

If you are managing any Facebook Fan page, you must know that as an administrator you can access all activities of your followers by just clicking on their name and the same story we see here under a different cover. If you are following any marketer or photo distributer, make sure that you are already done with pre-security measures as your data gets transparent when you share it publicly.

4) Accounts integration!

Another popularity stunt is the Facebook and Instagram account integration where once you link your Facebook account to Instagram, the two of them offer a combine result when you are searched. This means that if someone whom you are following to stalks you on Instagram, he can easily get a hold of your Facebook whereabouts if you do not have strong security been set.

Similar cases have been experienced by users who are careless towards taking precautions and what they landed up finally was the misuse of their personal pictures, harassments and account been hacked!

It is therefore highly recommended to make sure that your accounts are secured and your personal data is not being accessed by anyone else out of your wise. For the black hat trick users and marketers who are misusing the data of their followers, what can only be said is that they should better stop doing that because there is something like business ethics. There is yet no way to stop this but you can reduce your chances of being a victim by ensuring your privacy settings.

Take Care,