100 Tips to Increase your Website Earning

make moeny with websiteMaking money online has its own charm in all sense. Think about a life where you don’t have to get up early in the morning to go to office. How about being not answerable to any boss and enjoying all freedom to manage your business the way you want. It sounds great, isn’t it? It is all possible, though not easy. These days when people are turning towards the online money making strategies, earning through a website is what people found easiest. What newbies often overlook, is the fact that every business needs some initial investment and here it is time  and efforts. Having been done with the first 50 tips to enhance your online business,  here are the remaining 50 tips that you need to follow in order to enjoy revenue from your website.

Enhance Your Online Business
Part II: 100 Tips to Increase your Website Earnings

51)Publicity by your own hand

Your website can be part of your comments and reviews post links along with your views to publicize it but prevent yourself from spamming

52)Organize a competition

Attract viewers with competitions and quizzes this surely is a bait for the fishes .

53)Website mapping

Easy guidance and path to follow is the priority of the user providing site map on the website will bring fruitful results.

54)Easy Subscription

Create a feedburner button on website for the easy access to subscription to the admin feed

55)Become a reality

Dragons Den appearance will create lots of publicity to your website.

56)Paste your link somewhere else

Posting your link on your social sites profiles will be really helpful in promoting your site.

57)Post pictures and posters of website

If your website needs promotion by leaps and bounds then posting pictures on flikr,webshots and other picture website will help a lot.

58)Sharing of Banner

Your site banner should be a part of maximum banner sharing websites so that it catches of the maximum viewers

59)RSS Feed

RSS feed button should be placed in prominent place and can be viewed in all gadgets iPads, tablets and laptops.

60)Blog Searching

You may ask your friends to help your site to become listed on premium searching by adding your site on “Add to favorites” in blog searching sites like technocarti and blogsearch.google.com

61)Admin response to queries

If you new site fails to answer queries and problems then your are on really wrong path try reply on time to because nobody likes to wait.

62)A Worthy reason to visit

Make some listing a part of your site top tens these days works like anything it can be about top ten countries or best places to live and it can also be top ten jokes of the month anything that can be a reason to visit site again by a viewer should site part.

63)Geek World

Its high time and geek world gadgets,discoveries,scientific facts and hot topics on science should include the framework of site.

64)Attract search engines

Having light weighted meta tags will help site to get recognition in search engines precisely.

65)Favorite buttons

You should add favorite button of Technorati on site.

66)Reduce Investment

Be smart when it comes to spending use smart ways to be part of search engines rather paying them.

67)Theme of Simplicity

Beauty lies in simplicity when your new site need to be recognized then be simple and use CSS for layout and less usage of graphics and more usage of HTML should be theme of your site.

68)Loading in a jiff

Make your website for less loading time to make it favorite for the viewers as less loading time is a bliss.

69)Hot Content

Tips and suggestion have always been favorite and most clicked part of site you should also have top tips and content to keep viewer flow.

70)Topic discussion

If your site has specificity regarding topic then chose subjects and write a white paper.

71)Search Engine priority

Google, yahoo and MSN receives 50%,25% and 10% search requests respectively so be smart and make clever move how to prioritize the placement of search engines.

72)Creating Chat Rooms

Online games and chat rooms are favorite of all time and they never aged a minute even now you should give serious consideration including them in your site.

73)Online Selling

Your products should be listed among online product selling websites that includes Froogle.com, amazon.com,eBay.com and last but not least even OLX.com

74)Reference to your Site

You can also direct traffic to your website to the questions asked on other websites like YAHOO!ANSWER or ASK.com and tag your site in the end to transfer the viewer to your site.

75)Place your site in all the places

You need to think for a wider horizon Google search engine is just the beginning even Yahoo is catching the charm of search engine so make sure to be present in lime light among all the engines and not just one.

76)Make your site profitable

Using new techniques like Pay Per Click advertising is really helpful for a new bee like you to create pity cash or even huge cash from your site.

77)Barter Trade

Make trade with bloggers to write about your site or product in return their link should be put in trade for your site.

78)Friend Recommendation of your site

You must include a “Tell a Friend” function to site in order to have recommendations from your friends to their friends and their friends and so on.

79)Smart Word Technique

Search engines works on specific word list or on statistics of a particular word you should include such type of words in your site description and topics to be hit by search engines all the time.

80)Endless Conversations

Creating a landing page for each Adword if PPC is under usage by you then be sure to handle the endless conversations because it will definitely boost your reputation.

81)Press Section

When making your site remember to store all your press releases, logos and banners by jus adding a Press section on your site.

82)Friends genuine help

You should ask your friends then be honest while they tell you the reality of your site whether it is bad or good so that you have honest feedback on your site and in front of you too.

83)note what you learn

Learn everyday from people and share with others.

84) promote pages

Link Directories to your site that is a smart way to promote pages.

85)do not ignore the feedbacks

Ask for feedbacks form users and friends and keep them in consideration to help your site being loved.

86) keep track of visitors

Use Google Analytics to track number of visitors on your site and analyze the situation.

87)link to other sites

If some other sites are highly relevant don’t hesitate to link them on your sites or you may offer your site on them.

88) improve

Improve your data and site with comments and reviews.

89)ask your publisher

Ask people to publish your link on their posts and books to increase advertisement.

90)ensure your site display well

Approve your HTML and CSS this will help your site display well

91)create a mail and send it to all

Create a single mail and send it to all directories and article sites and later on delete through your spam.

92)write an white paper

Write an article about your site and technology and post it on different sites.

93)control search engine

You can control search engine by having robot.txt file in the root of your website, this will reduce the number of 404 errors as well.

94)give away free gifts

Give away re-seller rights books through your site. That is a perfect gift.

95)bookmark your site

Use top 25 Social Bookmarking Sites to bookmark your site.

96)do not care about ranking

Page ranking is big headedness and ranking is lucidity.

97)do not try to buy people

If you think you can make your site more viewed by paying the traffic then you are completely wrong. Do not buy traffic.

98)have a nice bookmark icon

You can have nice icon by uploading a favicon gift file.

99) enjoy

No work can bring profit to you if you do it heartlessly. Try enjoying your work so that your interest works out for you

100) Have Patience

No business, especially a ‘white-business’ can bring money overnight. you need to have patience for at least 3 months initially, working carefully on SEO and the tips stated above.

The success of you business depends on you entirely. It is you who can take it high enough to enjoy earning without even working, and at the same time it is you who can waste all your energies in trying to get your website a life.

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