TOP 20 Ways to Increase Traffic for Your Blog in 2013!

increase traffic 2013It has been quite long that we didn’t update our readers with the tactics to increase their earning by attracting a good traffic to their blogs and here we are with 20 fresh tips that would really help in generating a considerable traffic for your blog.  Before you move on to the 20 tips, make it clear that the online business never pays you back in a night, in fact it consumes much more time than you think, be patient and keep following the below stated tips!

1)Spread the word

You write audience like, they share and you enjoy the share in your account. What’s most important for you is to drag the traffic and it’s just little fingers away, you need to turn, twist, type magical words that is targeted at audience likely to share because such people are inspired by your style, point of view and descriptions you write. Enjoy the company of active community who love to evangelize your work.

2)Be visible to your readers

You can’t be targeting the entire world on your blog, you must be focused and centralize over an idea of targeting a specific age group community, and that is your central idea. But mostly what we do is, we care about the writing and forget about the idea. Explore and discover your large portion of population over forums, social networking sites, blogs by following the discussions and contents being posted regarding your topic, create an account, participate in discussions and expand using web based tool like DoubleClick’s Ad Planner. Enjoy the reward with traffic, fans and trust later.

3)Stay SEO friendly

Being SEO friendly, you will enjoy the massive traffic opportunities which are of tremendously important value to the bloggers. They are simple and easy to set up and takes only 20% of the effort and tactics to make your content optimize for search engines which then draw you 80% increment in your traffic. A good SEO friendly content is important but a lot of people ignore it over the fear and misunderstandings rather than actual problems.

4)Spread the word about your blog

There are multiple eminent social networking sites like Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook etc, with millions of people using them daily, use the opportunity, make use of it because these are going to spread the word about your blog as they are acting as “content Distributors”. Track your contents post on different sites and share your view, be active in discussions, stay visible to your readers, make possible memorable impression on your followers. Be honest in what you do, following the industry luminaries, connectors and influences, as social media is single largest source of traffic. They will surely love your attention.

5)Analyze and evaluate

“Practice makes the man perfect”, but simply writing and jumbling words on blog won’t bring the perfection. You need to be analytic, skeptical and curious about your writing and wondering how many people like or going through your content so you could make changes or up gradations according to it. Your job is not to write! Your job is to drag the traffic and grow the tree. You can only do that if you keep your eyes open. Install Google Amalytic, it is going to help you to see what others think about what you think.

6)Catch the eye

What makes your writings attractive, sight catching, beautiful and most importantly preferred to read first? If you think you are an amazing writer and have a better style than others, than forget it! They are attracted by those cheesy pictures with link back licensing and outstanding colorful graphics. A picture speaks thousand words, that’s the strategy you have to adopt. Once you catch the eye of traffic they will give time to your words.

7)Keyword research

What’s most important for your blog is to get easily navigated and it is only possible if words or phrases typing by the people in search engine show your article as one of the results. The many times your articles are revealed over the research by audience, there are greater chances to catch an eye of public. You need to learn tactics, words and phrases which audience could possibly think of in relation to your context and then submit those words. It is an important element for your blog publicity, use eg AdWord Keyword Tool to find such words and get ready to be obvious.

8)Posting references

“Give and take” is perfectly implies on the web. While traveling through another blog, you encounter a question over which you have done enough research, then do not hesitate to post the link of your own material but in a way that is not manipulative, by this move you potentially draw visitors to your content and secondly it is more humble to referencing the contents of others as it is one of the best ways we earn recognition.

9)Be active

Social sharing communities are perfect place for you to be gregarious, famous and earn recognition.  Be active at social networking sites together with the sites concerning knitting (Ravelry), News/politics (Newsvine),etc. to aware and to tailor your content on better lines to meet the demand and guidelines to stay survive among the best.

10)Guest Blog

It’s hard to make someone believe to trust on your skills when you are a new bee and it’s even hardest to convince the bloggers to allow you to post on their sites but it is a fantastic way to spread your brand to new folks who have never seen your work before and this can be use to earn early links and references back to your site.

11) Incorporate Great Design Into Your Site

First impression is the last impression it’s not just set of words but a hardline fact. Even if you’re content lack experience or research a bit according to the demands of the topics or viewers if your presentation skills are remarkable then your mistakes will be overlooked and you will be looked upon as a professional blogger. When readers look at a blog, the first thing they judge is how it “feels” from a design and UX perspective. Allocating more budgets or trying it at least will ultimately lead to reach your goal in less time. Design, layout, friendly use and site maps properly made all these are captivating policies of a blogger for its viewer.

12)Interact on Other Blogs’ Comments

Not every word spoken or written is of worth same is the case with answers many of the answers on sites are nothing but spam or act of foolishness. However this can be changed in your favor once your interact or answer the queries in professional manner in such a way that people start craving for your answers and wish to have more answers from you often. This will ultimately lead to follow up of your blog by these viewers.

13 )Participate in Q+Sites

Answering popular questions with authentic lines and grip and even with proper links there is very high margin chances viewers would drop by on your blog to see your other creativity too. Referring the viewer from a Q & A session on a page to your blog by posting links on it might make spammer there however once it’s done with tactics and right move then you are all set to go ahead.

14)Enable Subscriptions via Feed + Email (and track them!)

It’s easy to forget things even if you like them and that’s what viewers do after they visit and even like a blog. Many of the viewers never pay visit again to the same blog as the content on internet is filling up every day. It’s better to make a good family of viewers and never be forgotten and for this add RSS button on the correct place of your blog encourage viewers to click on it once they like your effort and keep a check on the followers list to see if your work is still like by other people or not.

15)Attend and Host Events

Humans are called social animals and it’s true. No matter  how much the world is summed up in a nutshell by the internet world, the class and aroma of person to person meeting will never die or extinct. Bloggers should enhance and enlarge their social circle and attend events particular of their interest to exchange views, and get popular visits on their blog and yes once you are big enough it’s time to pay back to try host events so that the cycle doesn’t break.

16)Use Email Connections (and Signature) to Promote Blog

Leaving an impression in the last is pretty important job. Using your blog links as your signature or referring to you posts and blogs in your conversation is a smart move of present time. Try bringing up likes of your post or blog in different conversations. If a question about a particular topic or related to it, it is asked again and again a blog post could be generated to address the issue as a whole to capture many people asking same query.

17)Survey your Readers

Many products of brands and new concepts are based upon the perception and believe of common man and that is what blogger should also inculcate in his site. A common survey or questionnaire regarding different topics or even based upon current situation can end up with flow of traffic on the blog once the common man start taking interest in the survey. A useful website like survey monkey can be handy at times.

18)Add Value to a Popular Conversation

It’s better to be talked rather being ignored. The phenomenon existed since the inception of world and high tech world. People your clients do follow the famous or hot debates and conversations. Being a part of big game is risky but mostly healthy and fruitful in long run and that is what bloggers are supposed to do to bring traffic towards their blog at the end of the day.

19 )Aggregate the Best of Your Niche

At times including burning question in the framework of your blog helps to capture the attention of many viewers and one of its ways at the moment is to have list of top tens or top x or some other top blogs of websites that are scored on different grounds. The whole concept of this idea is to let people have some working of brain cell let them think about the score and places the websites, blogs or any other format have made in the list and how.

20 )reconnect to your roots

No matter which platform or social network you use whether it is Facebook, linked in, yahoo groups or even photos websites like flicker all your contents view by your valued clients should be linked back to your blog. The agenda of your content should be that they have some link to your identity it could be trademark in your text link of your blog in end of your any video last but not least make sure you give path back to your blog for your client.


Hope that our experience helps you out in your business,


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  1. Great advice, Nida. I will be bookmarking this page – that’s a lot to take in and will take quite some time to implement. I guess, one step at a time 🙂

  2. Quite interesting and some things were new t read under this post but you did some wrong suggestion as well which are against the Google webmaster guidelines. So by following those one can grab a high traffic but it will be for a certain time period and then you will out of the scene.

  3. Keyword research is a must do process for every bloggers who are hoping to get top results in SERPs. Iam new to blogging and wanted to rank high in some keywords. Your articles on link builup and SEO are excellent. Can u tell me some ways to build quality links for my blog. <I've subscribed to your comments. Plz share ur view

  4. Hello, thanks for the very useful information. We will surely apply them. Please keep updating us. We applied some of the ways you updated here and the results are just awesome. Thanks again

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  8. Awesome tips to increasing traffic.Guest Blog posting really brings more traffic as well as back links to our blog.Thanks for share such informative post with us.

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