How To Increase FACEBOOK LIKES For Blog Articles – Secret Reloaded!

get likes for articlesThe power of social media, especially Facebook is a great tool for bloggers. This is the reason every blog have social buttons, which however are left unused most of the times, simply not bringing any good. Revealing my secret, today, I will share will you all an efficient technique to increase Facebook like for your article on daily basis. It’s important to know what good will it brings out for you. Well, when you share your article on your Facebook wall, you are actually promoting your article – and – blog to your friend list, letting them know about your piece of work. When people click on your shared link, they are diverted to your blog, hence increasing your page rankings and blog traffic.

If you are a professional blogger and already have a fan page that has a considerable targeted audience, you must know what I am talking about. To make it simple for other friends, understand the fact that your friend list has only 2% of the readers that might find any particular topic interesting and try finding it. But 98% of your friends will simply ignore it. Then how to increase the likes?

Here is my secret of increasing Facebook likes for my Articles that eventually increases the page rankings.

1)   Keyword strategy

You know what you are writing about obviously. After publishing your article, re- read it. identify the keywords of your articles and search for the groups available on facebook of that particular niche that you have targeted in your article. For example, I recently wrote about Windows 8 customization, here windows 8 is what I find out. Simply go to your facebook page and search for some relevant keyword group, where people might find your write up interesting.

related keywords

2) Post your link

Select a relevant group and post your article link in there. Always try to interact with the group you have just entered for you own benefit. Try leaving a small message along with your link so that when people go through the group, they find something appealing in your link.

 sharing links on Fb

3) Select Wisely!

Always keep in mind that you need followers, not groups. Before selecting a group of your required niche, highlight its followers. A group with 100 members will give you nothing. In fact, visiting that group, you will realize that it is dead itself. Give priority to the large number of followers and post you link there.

See the image below:

goups with large no. of follower

4) Its FAST – Submit your Links!

Searching and publishing on a group takes less than two minutes. So always try to leave your link on all possible huge groups that are relevant to your post. Submit your links to all such groups and try to manage being in its recent activity all the time.

submit your links

5) Stay Awake – learn

Sometimes your post fails to achieve even a single like in two days, although you played it safe while choosing the group that had a huge number of followers. In that case, keep that group in your hate list and never post your links there until and unless you are left with no other option.

wrong linking

6) All Success!

Make it your habit, the next thing after publishing your article is to promote your writing too. Unlike other promotional techniques, it is fastest. This is how I am able to earn likes within 10 minutes for my articles every day.

success with facebook likes

Its true that Opportunities are unlimited, you only need to act smart to earn smart!

Try this trick and share your views.

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