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Are you upset with low ranking of your fan page on face book? Then this post is certainly a solution for you. I will present four verified ways by which you can gain a huge audience for your face book fan page.

Social media is gaining limelight day by day and has snatched the TV and printing advertisement markets considerably. the business owners are wise enough to realize that the youth is slanted towards face booking and other social media, and now these businessmen believe to reach their consumers through this social platform. But as many of you have already seen that building a successful page is not a piece of cake, it cannot be done overnight definitely. Let me now tell you some powerful tactics to attract more attention to your fan page.

1. Owner’s regularity on page

its a common practice that after building a face book fan page, the owner forgets it. it must be remembered that face book page must be updated regularly with relevant status updates and and content. this is done to keep the consumers bind to your business. proper announcements shall be done about the new product offerings that makes the fans feel that they have been given and edge over the  non- face bookers through special deals and packages.

your fans need your attention, and for that  you should interact with your clients, answering their queries. This gives them an illusion that you are responsible enough about the customer care. By commenting on posts, you will be able to attract a higher traffic. You can also use your face book wall as a feedback and complain center.

2. Interaction on other face book pages of similar companies

No matter what ever the level of your business is, that is a local business or you are a corporate chain having multiple locations, keep that in mind that you can attract a great deal of customers via other pages of similar category as that of yours. you should take part in those fan pages building and showing up your existence.. this social networking brings the customers of that particular page to yours. its always a  good feeling to be known by an identity of your own in other business communities.

don’t forget to show sportsmanship  on your competitor’s fan pages. in fact support the business common elements.try to be helpful to your customers as well as give  a gesture to your rivals that you are ready to help them in best possible ways.

3. Promotion of page on other pages and websites of the company

promotions are very essential for the success of any, as you have your own page, you now need to promote it. you should post that ”like” button to encourage your customers to let others know about their liking about your product. this enhance the chances that their friends will check you out too and they might like your product. the best part here is that the face book “like” buttons are available to be placed on your business’s websites. this brings your customers and clients only one click away from you.

if you are  opportunist, don’t let the twitter go away. it has a feature that allows you to  provide  your face book badge,similar to YouTube and other Social media sites. this enables you to expand your fans list.facebook like

4. Buy Fans and Likes for your page

if you are too depressed by the lack of fans on your face book, there are services available that provides you hundreds or even thousands of “likes” at some cost. however you need to be keen enough to avoid the fake accounts that promises you a large number of likes against small dollar amounts.such companies provides you real likes from real people. it increases  the probability that their friends too will now click through to find out about you.

it is necessary to mention here that although this will provide a boost to your fans list but you should not accept an active participation from those Fans..but a good fan base will encourage your potential customers  to join your page.

gaining a good  audience might be a slow process yet, you need to have patience and keep trying with the above mentioned advices. you will soon find that your customers are flocking to your page:)

all the best!

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  1. Nice one! Though I would like to add another great way to increase Facebook fans and that is the use of Facebook social plugins (like box and like buttons). Specially using the likebox within the popup form does wonders.

    Also another great way that seems working with my blog is the ‘top fan of the week app’ for Facebook fan page. It increases the fan page activity dramtically and this brings in more traffic and fans likewise.

    Again thanks for sharing this out.

  2. i have to operate my page through mobile.please give me some tips for increasing no. of fans.also i am not able to tag my page in other pages.

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