5 Ways to Improve Farmville Performance

performance of farmvilleSince the day it was launched, Farmville has been one of the interesting things my friends found on Facebook. It was recently that I decided to figure out what was the charm in it and in no time, I become addicted too. What I noticed was that there was a lot of room for improvement in the performance. Your farm loading becomes really way too heavy when the size of your farm increases.

Now here are 5 simple ways that can help you out in improving your Farmville.

Increase your Virtual Memory

What happens is, when you increase your farm, the loading time increases, and so does the memory needed. If you are getting the “low memory” error, All you need to do is to increase your virtual memory. Follow the simple steps stated below:

a) Go to “control panel” and click on “systems”.

b) Advanced Settings and select “performance” in the setting option. A performance tab would open up.

c) Click on “Performance option” and select on “change” button

d) Click the “Custom Size” radio button if it is not already selected

e) Increase the amount of hard drive space allocated for virtual memory

f) Click the “Set” button, then click “OK.”

Your computer will restart and there you go!

Check your Flash Player

You might have noticed that a flash player plays a significant role especially when it comes to online games. There are equal chances that your player crashes away and you are required to rectify it. What you need to do is, just click the “eye” to the “low” position to lower the graphics and get a bit better performance. Click on “settings” and uncheck the “enable hardware acceleration” box. Also move the sliding bar to 10mb or unlimited.

Install a firewall on your machine

Many people have doubts about whether to install a firewall or not. Well, it is highly recommended. Using a firewall can keep programs from using your internet connection, and speed up your internet traffic. Get a good free firewall for your machine and enjoy safe and secure browsing.

Remove Viruses and Spyware

Viruses and spywares are the gifts that internet give you for using it. Don’t worry, you can get rid of them whenever you want with some risk of sacrificing your data. The overall performance of your machine gets seriously infected with viruses and not only the Farmville, but almost every program starts betraying you. Install a good spyware remover and make your machine’s life at peace.

Keep your Machine updated

Installing an anti-virus that is capable of fighting against the viruses is extremely important. Try AVG or Avira. This will not only remove the existing viruses but will also protect your computer in future. Anything your browse on internet is totally dependent on your machine’s configuration. Try to update and upgrade your machine as much as your budget and busy schedule allows you too

We will come up with new techniques on Farmville soon,

Happy Farming!

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