8 Most Important Social Media Updates of 2012

social media updates in 2012It feels great to turn back the pages of time and review the memories by the end of every year. Our lives are now all connected with the social networking sites, whether personally or professionally, we now depend largely on the social media. 2012 is now finally coming to an end. December is upon us and with that; the journey of Smart Earning Methods is reaching its first anniversary. Throughout this journey, we have been highlighting all the important updates that were related to any niche, related to the online money making business, where Social media was one of the top listed. Time is running too fast, it seems recent that Facebook came up with cover photos, twitter with some new ways to tweet and lot more. Here are the best-and-most important updates that have contributed in improving the services for the users.

1) Facebook Introduced Global Brand Pages

Today, the next step to market a product is to create a brand page on Facebook, first being the idea of choosing a product to market. Facebook is the largest social media available currently and that made it worthy to come up with such an update. It was in October that Facebook announced its global pages that were especially designed to allow marketers to maintain just one Facebook Page but route fans to different versions of page, according to their locations. This globally supported update enhanced the service, also making the lives of the owners easier as it separately handled languages according to the local requirements.

2) Mobile-Only Facebook Ads

It seems yesterday when we shared Facebook Mobile feedbacks, back in June. Just like any other website/network, the ads and the sponsors contribute considerably in generating revenue for the owner/team. To provide more opportunities to the marketers and enjoy more wealth, Facebook announced its update where the marketers were about to pay for ads only in the Facebook mobile app only. Offering two different options, namely the mobile users and the desktop users, the marketers found it more classified to choose their most suited plan and pay for that only.

3) LinkedIn & Twitter Break Up

For readers who might not be knowing about it, LinkedIn and Twitter were previously partners and this partnership came to an end only this year in June. You might have noticed that you could tweet through your LinkedIn accounts and vice versa but recently the service would have been unavailable, this is because of the same reason. This break up has undoubtedly limited the both networks that are trying to cope up with the loss.

4) Twitter Comes with Cover Photos

It was expected to come when Google+ too, after Facebook, introduced the cover photos for its profile. By September, Twitter announced that the layout would be going to changed for the profile pages, giving it a similar look as that of other two strong contestants in the social media race.

5) LinkedIn introduced New Company Pages

September was a crucial one for both of the parties. LinkedIn announced new designs for their company pages, making it more attractive for the users at corporate level

6) Targeted LinkedIn Updates

Things become easier when they are classified systematically. Isn’t it? LinkedIn followed the same principle and announced that the search of jobs would now going to be on the basis of company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography, and including/excluding company employees. The update increased the popularity and the engagements of this social networking site.

7) Google Hangouts-making life easier!

If you pick Google’s history and study about its ideology, you would notice that Google always target the massive audience and Google Hangout is it’s another effort. It was in May that Google announced its Hangouts services that allowed the people to have hangouts with 9 other friends, also being broadcasted to an even larger audience. The service provides the leverage of keeping a watch on who is watching you at a time.

8) Search Engine Updates

By the start of this year, Google integrated Google+ with its search engine making it more versatile where the search results also hold searches from the information shared on Google+. This made people like you and me popular, in a way that when someone searched the names of people, the Google+ profiles of the matching search appear.

This year is almost at its end. Although 2012 was a controversial one even before it arrived, all in all, there are some remarkable updates that have been done if it comes to social Media specifically. We wish that the coming year too, turn out to be a satisfactory one that takes Social Media even much forward,

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