Ideas For Posting Content On Facebook Page

Facebook MarketingCreating an effective Facebook marketing strategy has a topic for much debate. And not without reason. We often hear, “Facebook is a marketer’s haven“, or “Your blog won’t succeed without Facebook” etc etc. But the question is, how best to utilize all that potential? If you have created a Facebook Fan page for your blog, what content should put on it? We have discussed much about creating content for your blog. So let’s now see what sort of content should you create for your Facebook fan page, because Facebook, after all, is the social networking giant, and can account for a lot of referral traffic for your blog.

Post links

Posting links is quite an obvious strategy people employ on fan pages. Published posts are shared on the fan page manually or through an automated service. Usually, one or two posts per day are enough. Any more than that, and you might irk your followers.

That was the most obvious method many people use. But you can make the process more beneficial for you. Pick out your old, very old posts, and share them. This will not only give the impression of fresh content to your newer followers, it will also keep your old posts in circulation. You can also share links from other blogs or fan pages, so they might share in return, hence giving you more exposure.

share links

Post images

I would always hear a lot about posting images on Fan page and how they boost your page activity, so one day I figured i’d test the theory out. And the results were immediate! I instantly saw a rise in the virality of my posts, and the reach extended many times over. The reason? Images get shared much more than text, because let’s face it, text is boring and takes time to read, which most people don’t have. Secondly, images get scanned by the eyes even when someone is scrolling down, which makes them user-friendly. Third, if images are funny or interesting, they’ll get more likes, and once someone likes an image, their entire friend list sees it too, meaning you get instant exposure, and quite a large one at that.

Posting images on your fan page is a really good idea. Even if you can’t create or snap an image yourself, you can always pick out a random, funny image related to your niche, or perhaps something interesting, or news-related (by the way, did you see the new iPhone 5? :P). That way, you will keep your followers entertained much better than with just simple blog post links.

Creating polls and asking questions

Creating polls is another good way to get your fans involved. Answering questions takes just a click. And if the topic is controversial, such as this vs that, then you are likely to see more fan engagement, as people will support their favorite answer and vote for it. Hence, questions and polls make for good fan page posting ideas.

Ask Questions

It’s a good idea to hold around two polls or so a week. Use Q&A websites such as Yahoo Answers to find out what questions are being asked in your niche.

Promotions and giveaways

Holding promotions and giveaways is another great idea bloggers need to make use of more often. Usually, these giveaways can contain software licenses, eBooks, and so on. Nothing too good to be true, such as a ‘free iPhone 5’, etc. You can also hold promotional events, such as Tweet or +1 or comment exchange program, where all participants tweet of =1 each other’s blog post, hence giving everybody a boost. These events can be interactive, and you can socialize as well and make new friends.

Facebook is a great tool, but only if used right. Otherwise, your progress might stall at some point, and you will need to reconsider your entire strategy. So start working from the start. All the best 🙂