How Women In Iran Can Make Money

women in iran making moneyThere was a time when Women used to suffer in the male dominated society, especially in the eastern countries, where they had no exposure to the world outside their homes. However, with the awareness programs and the improvements in the society, nowadays women are equally contributing in the welfare of the nations worldwide. Being specific about the developed countries, women are treated equally in every field of life, with Iran been an exception here. There is no doubt that Iran believes in safeguarding Women’s rights to work, but being an Islamic State, there are certain limitations for the them to choose the fields. At the same time, the working atmosphere is a respectful one and women can find a good opportunity to choose as a career.

If you are a woman and looking for some productive jobs in Iran, then here are few options that can give your career a start!

1) Becoming a Professor

In my two recent visits to Iran, it was quite predictable that the Iranians believe in promoting their own customs and traditions rather than going crazy in following the global conventions. Due to this reason, the institutes and educational centers hire the qualified locals of the country. At this time, Iran is one of the most reputed country in terms of its educational services and every city has got numerous universities, therefore, women of Iran can earn really smart by getting a job in these educational sectors depending on their level of qualification. Becoming a professor in Iran is something that women really look at. Due to the religious restrictions for Women, Professorship pays huge, along with respect unlimited.

2) Becoming An Engineer

It must be clear by now that Iran is a country that gives freedom to its citizens and both the genders are allowed to choose the best options to start their career. Since the Revolution that rephrased the Islamic history of Iran, The country is excelling each day and the development is going on a steady rate. Iran, at this moment provides equal opportunities to the male and female engineers for its construction projects. Therefore, if you are an engineer or planning to pursue an engineering degree then you can have the surety of been employed in a firm that pays you more than satisfactory.

iranian women engineers

3) Joining Politics

Although Iran owns a different strategy when it comes to politics, joining a political party is also a good option for the Iranian Women. However, the country doesn’t allow the women to become leaders, but they can always cash their interest and patriotism by joining a political party.

iranian women in politics

4) Becoming a Doctor

Like all other religions of the world, Islamic teachings promote the idea of serving humanity, considering it a noble cause. Iran, being an Islamic country appreciate Doctors and the government pay them considerably large for their services. Last year while I visited Iran, My relative got injured and we had to take her to the hospital. There I realized that the Women of Iran have got equal opportunities in every field of life where they were trained about how to handle X-Ray Machines, etc. In short Women Doctors are most wanted employees when it comes to the medical services. Therefore, if you are a doctor and living in Iran, Utilize your Degree!

female Doctors in  Iran

5) Joining Banks

Iran own most of the banks that are local and very few international banks are running in the nation. Again, following their Islamic rituals, Women are given equal rights to carry on with their career in accountancy and banking.

6) Becoming A Driver

Thanks to My mum who  made me remember that Women actually drive Taxis in Iran, and earn respectfully. Unlike Saudi Arabia, which is also an Islamic State (Where Women are prosecuted if caught driving), Iran is Liberal-and-modern enough to allow the female citizens to drive. This is taken as one of the most facilitating feature for the Women of Iran who find themselves at an ease to travel with the drivers of same gender.

female drivers in Iran

Therefore, by the end of this post, it must have been clear to you that If you are living in Iran, You have got equal opportunities to start a career and contribute in the society.

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  1. woman should be independent, not dependent on a man or her husband if she is married. This is what I like about her, a passion for the people of iran

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