How Help You Make Money by Sharing Content While Facebook Don’t!

Make Money Using TSUAre you curious enough to unveil the secrets behind being an online earning bee? All you need to do is keep updated with the new and forthcoming online ventures that provide manageable and legitimate options in regard of making easy money. There are many platforms already present in online market and many others are lined up to be launched. You just need to keep an eye of an eagle to get the opportunity.

What is ?

Looking two years back from now, in 2013, a revenue generating social online platform by name of was launched by Evacuation Complete, LLC. it tends to generate 90% of ad generated revenue with its users.

2. tsu different from facebook

 It is very similar to facebook or twitter since it allows you to make your profile once you get registered, start sharing your posts and photos, writing stuffs and showing it to your friends. But the distinguishing feature of from facebook is that lets its users own their content they post. They can generate revenue by posting and sharing content on their tsu pages what mainly lacks in facebook. You share and post stuff on facebook for just an entertainment sort of purpose and to tell the world what you feel or think about something you posted. enables you pocket some good bucks by doing same.

How to generate money on ?

3. making money on tsu

Whatever is the type of content you share with your social circle, the management values it being yours. That is actually why it pays you a suitable money for it and boost your desires to do more with it.

The ways to earn money through are not much complicated. It is same as you log in to your page, share photos, upload videos and share quality content with your friends, family and business network.

  • Just Stick to your tsu page

4. stick to your tsu page

A mandatory task to run fine with tsu is that you need to be active on your social page all the time. You must be available online there posting and sharing. That enables you to be in the limelight and to bring your content under observation by as many people as possible.

  • Increase number of followers


5. increase number of followers

Spread your social circle to such a large extent that your original content get lots of visits and shares. For earning good money, you need to have a great number of followers on your page.

  • Keep posting and engage the audience

6. keep posting and engage the audience

All you need to do is post a content on any subject- that can be a photo, a video or a write up. As people check your post, they come up with the ads on tsu. In this way, tsu ads get a view which generates a revenue to them. It is split in 90/10 in your favor.

  • Inviting new members to

7. inviting new members to tsu

Promoting the tsu network also keeps with it an option to earn money. It provides a unique sign up link to its users. You just got to refer or suggest your friends and family circles to join the social platform. Your referrals are counted and checked and you get paid on as many members join it upon your invitation.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered and make your fortune out of!

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