How to use Android Phone as Keyboard and Mouse?

gpadWith the introduction of smartphones in market, a new trend has been set where the world is going smart. By this stage, smartphones have completely taken up the market, replacing the longest ruling mobile operating system that is the Symbian System. Although the starting prices of these Android phones are way too high as compared to other surviving cell phones, but what gives them a catchy look is their limitless functionality. The world is becoming online and all you need to survive is your Smartphone, a strong internet connection and the idea about the power of your Android sets. You can turn your Smartphone in anything you want if you get a hold of right application for this.

When you spend good amount on buying a gadget, expecting a huge pay back is natural. How about turning your Smartphone into mouse or a keyboard? With Your Android, it’s all possible. Control your machine with your Android set with any posture that appeals to you. Say bye to the traditional way of using your PC and enjoy your Smartphone everywhere you go!

Where to Start From?

To turn you Android phone into a portable controller for your machine, all you need to download and install to your Smartphone is a gPad Application.

Getting Your Hands on gPad!

Follow these simple 6 steps and convert yoru Smartphone into your machine controller!

Step 1:

Unlike previous Mobile applications where you used to simply download the application, transfer it to your phone and install it, here is something more technical coming your way. You are required to install gPad client on your Smartphone phone followed by installing the gPad server client on your Machine. The application works best with Windows and Mac operating system.


Step 2:

Once you are done with the required installations, pair your Android device with your system via data cable, Bluetooth or a WiFi connection, anything that works out for you with an ease is acceptable here.

Step 3:

After pairing your Smartphone with your system, open your gPad application on your computer, followed by opening the gPad application on your Android Handset.

Step 4:

On your Smartphone application, go to Settings>connection type and select any one of the paired device options, i.e. Bluetooth, USB Connection and WiFi.

gpad choose option

Step 5:

After selecting your preferred connection type, return to the settings page and go to relevant setting and click to scan. Like other Bluetooth transfers and configuration, your system will appear as a paired device.

`Step 6:

Return to the gPad’s main menu on your phone and open ‘touchpad’. By doing so, you will then be able to control the cursor of your machine from your phone. Your Android phone is no more only a phone now, its working as a normal mouse too.


We hope that with this tutorial you will now utilize your investment in terms of your Smartphone, remotely accessing your PCs, Laptops, etc. no need to get up in between watching a movie now to control your movie player, with your smartphone having gPad installed correctly, life is at peace!

Have fun,

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