How to switch back to old Gmail compose?

gmail-iconLast year in October 2012, Google announced and makes its Gmail new compose window default for everyone and confirmed in hands with TNW that eventually the new compose will fully take over and the old compose will no longer be available. It has been updated according to the user’s feedback. Most changes don’t need explanations but some differences are worth noticing and here is what you have to notice.

What’s new in Gmail Compose?

switch back to new

  1. Check your mail while typing
  2. New keyboard shortcuts are available
  3. Compose multiple messages at once without getting interrupted
  4. Minimize drafts
  5. Drag and drop address
  6. Background activities can continue uninterrupted
  7. Formatting options appear only when you need them and you can easy interchange between two interface

What are you missing about Old Compose?

You appreciate distraction free, multiple composing option but you are missing more room to write. The new reply window scales the content inside to allow you to see.

It doesn’t play nice with all the labs, if you have activated a right hand chat, a popular-app for those who want to reduce mess, you are badly going to miss Old Compose because new emails are going to cover the entire chat columns

You are losing chat window if you are a heavy chat user though you got new pop-out replies option, because New Compose doesn’t clean up the bottom of your Gmail window, if you have too many windows open and minimize for sure you are going to miss one.

You are confused though you appreciate clean window to work on, but its irritating that you can’t find a right tool that could change your front, colors or edit the subject because new Compose has hide and minimize the designs.

When you composed a mail and before sending the mail you want to add a file, when you done searching for it and the moment you want to have it in the mail you just made, a NEW mail window pops up with the file in it! That means you can’t add the file in the first mail you composed.

You miss to check how long it’s going to take to upload a file as new compose do not show how much you done attaching your file.

You miss sending professional e-mail through that small pop-up window

How can you can you switch back temporarily?

  1. Visit and log into your account
  2. Once you are signed in, click ‘Compose’ button so the new compose new-e-mail pop-up window appears
  3. Once the pop-up window appear click on the down arrow button
  4. Next click, ‘Switch back to old Compose temporarily’
  5. Enjoy visiting the old hose again

If you wish and realize that you actually did like the new compose method click again to ‘compose’ and see at the top, ‘try out new composing experience’.

Is Gmail going downhill? Making New Gmail Default would be a smart move or you love to stick with Old Gmail, share your views help others to combat confusion.


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