How To Sell Beauty Tips on Youtube in 2016

how to sell beauty tips on youtubeWho denies the popularity and viewership of Youtube in the present time? Ofcourse everyone agrees with the fact that most popular video streaming and vlogging website of the present time is none other than youtube. It stands at the third position just after Google and Facebook in the most visited website on the internet and the second search engine all over the world. it usually takes less than a minute to search a video related to anything and any subject of the world.

That is not it when talking of Youtube. There are millions of online traits that take place on youtube. That makes it your market where you can make quick and easy money. You can make the videos of your choice in your area of expertise and upload them on youtube. It can make you earn some good bucks.

If you are confident on your expertise at beauty and styling trends, youtube welcomes you to sell your ideas and tips and earn money. A great many users have already been making money through uploading videos with tutorials, skin care treatments, hair styling and many others.

Basic Requirements

1. basic requirements

The main requirements to be fulfilled in order to start selling your beauty tips and ideas include:


The first thing is to make your website which will contain all the details and information regarding your services. Your own page is just like a virtual beauty clinic or parlor owned by you and the users come as the customers to experience your services.

Video recording Equipment

Video recording equipment include a Camera, microphone, backdrop, tripod and a proper lighting system. All these instruments must be of good quality and give best results for your video.

SEO Expertise

2. SEO Expertise

Your website should be well maintained and being the second biggest search engine, SEO youtube is yet another field in itself. Use keywords in descriptions that you provide in your videos. Keep checking the ranking factors, it would definitely help you in optimization process.

Step By Step Process

3. step by step process

  • The very first step definitely is to create a video related to whatever beauty tip or tutorial or treatment process you want to sell. Be creative while making video and show people’s interest in the video the first priority. Be friendly and simple with the language and theme of the video.

  • For example, if you are making a tutorial for different hair styles, you can add up the name of some brands as an advice to the customers, this will also make you earn promotional charges for that brand.
  • Take people’s questions on a daily basis, consider their issues consistently and post the videos according to the request of the user. Get the proper knowledge related to their problem regarding beauty and style to make them hooked with your venture.
  • Share different experiences on different tones of skins and different brands according to the distinctive skins of the customers.
  • Get your vlogger who is the best and well experienced in the field of vlogging on youtube. Your content will definitely make them earn money by uploading on youtube which they will pay you in return for your video.
  • Annotations work as the most effective tool to get traffic to your website. Annotations can directly bring the viewer to your page or website. Annotations are usually at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the video.
  • Share the best tips on your page which make your page highlighted on list of the users whenever they need a beauty recommendation or consultancy.

All for now, share your views!

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