How To Make Money In Ramadan Kareem in 2012?

Make money in Ramadan Kareem 2012Ramadan is considered to be the most sacred month of Lunar Islamic Calendars according to the Muslim Belief. It’s the month in which all the Muslims offer Fasting in the way of God, refraining from the desire of eating and drinking from dawn to dusk, where the actual ideology is to fight against the evil within oneself and realize the hunger of poor and deprived people who go through same sufferings throughout the year. Fasting is declared as the second pillar out of five, in Islam, where numerous Blessings are offered for those who fight the evil within them and spend in the way of God after realizing the hunger of their fellow poor citizens.

The Month of Ramadan is again here and we, the STC-Network Team (Brother Mustafa, Brother Qasim and I) wish all our Muslim Readers, heartiest wishes for this Holy Month. Happy Ramadan Kareem!

How Ramadan Affects the Business life?

Although the month is declared as the month of Blessings, promoting the message of love, Care, Tolerance and steadfastness, it is to be understood that restraining from eating and other unethical things all day long is simply not an easy job. People often find themselves not able to do anything else in this month and spend entire day sleeping. On the other hand, there are devoted followers who do not let their hunger and thirst to affect their normal activities of life.

What happens in all the Muslim countries is that all the food businesses close their outlets in day timings, knowing that they would hardly go to earn. Let’s take the example of Iran or KSA, I have been there and it was a delight to observe so much of respect for this sacred Month there. Even in Pakistan, things are quite similar, where the government announces special schedules for offices, schools, universities, etc, and reduce the working hours.

However, there is one thing people often overlook is that they can always make some good money by serving people who are fasting, giving first preference to their Islamic customs obviously. Here are few best tips that can help you make money in this Month effectively as a part time or short termed business.

1) Buy and Sell Dates

Following the Life of the Last Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh), Muslims break their fast with dates in Ramadan. Date is considered to the favorite dry fruit of the Last Messenger of God holds a great value for the Muslims in general, but its significance-and-business gets a considerable boost in this month. What you can do here is really simple and can make a good lawful profit.

I recently visited Saudi Arabia and found out that the Dates Business is highly popular there. The quantity you get here for $2 is available in a better quality there, only for $1. Whether it is Mecca, Medina, Jeddah or Riyadh, you can really get a great deal of this palm tree sweet fruit in low prices. If you have a relative or a friend there, all you need to do is to ask him to send you some. If you are lucky enough to visit these states anytime in a year, you can do this worth doing job yourself.

buy and sell dates from middle eastern countries to other countries

Once you import it to your country, rest of the work is simple! Start with your friends and family. You can offer around $1.5 for the same quantity and you will find that your clients would be more than pleased to buy them from you, this way you can earn $0.5 per unit selling, which is really a good profit to have.

2) Selling Beverages

Assuming that your country respects this Holy Month the same way as the countries I mentioned above, you are most likely to be free in evenings before the sunset. I have been noticing this fact since my childhood that it’s not food but water, that makes a Fast more difficult. You can always utilize your free evenings in establishing a short term business of selling beverages in low prices to all those who sometimes are stuck in traffic jam, unable to reach their homes on time. By doing something of this sort, you can serve humanity as well as make some money in your spare time too.

sell beverages in ramadan and make money

Investments are less here but the rewards are uncountable.

3) Planning Sahris’ and Iftaars’

Fasting is an obligation in Islam just like it exists in different Religions. Following the Sunnah of the Last Prophet (pbuh), Muslims take a meal before the daybreak, which is referred as Sahri and break their Fast with Dates, followed by a meal, which is known as Iftaar.

ifar parties in muslim countries

Now that the world has taken a new turn with new life styles, planning Sahri and Iftaar for people is a great idea. Giving an example of my country, here the per head charges for Iftaar and sahri in the two star hotels are around $9, how would it be if you utilize your cooking skills and set some sort of a dining in platform where you can earn $4 per person, providing a cheaper place to your friends who can enjoy their Iftaars with you, paying as low as $3-5.

However, to make this one a hit, you need to have a good social circle that looks forward to such get-togethers.

4) Establishing a Short-term Clothing Business

By the end of the Month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, the first three days of the 10th month of Islamic Calendar for their efforts to please God by restraining away from sins and realizing the hunger of poor Muslims in the past Month. This is an Eve where all Muslims make new dresses and greet other Muslims, spreading the message of love and peace.

If you are a career oriented person, who loves to make money, you need to link this occasion with your earning strategy for sure. Muslims, all around the world spend a good deal of money on shopping for this Eid. Knowing that this occasion will be celebrated by every Muslims, the shopping malls are over loaded with new designs, new stock, followed by new prices as well.

Now the price issue is contradicting and depends on nation to nation. In countries like America, KSA, India, the government lower the prices of goods to make things more appealing and letting people of all classes to celebrate it. However, if I talk about developing nations, shopkeepers wait entire year for this occasion so that they can earn triple by doubling the prices of every good.

sell clothes and make moeny in ramadan

This year, an average dress, for both men and women costs around $20 as an average. What you can do is, find some whole sale dealers and from there you can get same variety for around $ 10 approximately, depending on the quality. You may establish a small set up with your friends and can market your business in your social circle. If you sell you sell a dress for $15 even, you will see many people turning to your products, giving you a profit of $5 per sale.

The only worst part about this option is, you really have to invest a lot in the beginning, the solution is, play it safe and take some orders first, before buying in bulk.

5) Sell Gifts and Greeting Cards

stall selling greating cards

Just like tip number 4, people celebrate their Eid by exchanging Gifts and Greeting Cards. Whether you are school boy or a university going dude, you can always make good money in establishing some kind of stalls of greeting cards, earning more than $50 as a profit.

6) Pay Zakat and Earn Blessings

According to the Islamic Believes, the forth pillar of Islam is Zakat. Zakat is basically a charity that is compulsory on Muslims that own a specific amount of wealth and are eligible to pay this charity to the needy and poor fellow Muslims. This not only creates a sense of responsibility and accountability in the society but also establish a bond of brotherhood within a community where the rich ones share their wealth with the people who cannot even earn enough to meet up their livings.

Paying Zakat in the Month of Ramadan is a noble act, which helps the needy fellows to celebrate this Holy Occasion too.


It might sound absurd to some of you that how come an outflow of wealth is considered here as an earning, but you see, it’s not about money and business always; there are things superior to that too. The better you regulate your income in the society, the more inflow you will notice in your wealth. This is how things are in this world, God always Pay back in a much better way when you spend your wealth in the betterment of people who are in need.

Try this one, and you will see that all the rest 5 options are simply nothing in front of this one.

Charity in ramadan to make more money

That’s all for now, STC-Network will keep sharing more articles on all big occasions with its readers to be a part of their special occasions, promoting the message of Love and Happiness. Smart Earning Methods greets you all, a Very Happy Ramadan Kareem on its First Ramadan of the Journey. Stay Blessed!


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