How To Make Money by Blogging in 2012?


make money with blogging

Earning money was never too easy but now you can earn thousands of dollars by simply just starting a Blog. Blogging is a technical skill and if one learns this art, one can surely turn into an entrepreneur within no time. It’s an open forum where no age barriers can hinder in the earning process. Whether you are housewife and want to utilize your time, a student who wants a increase in his pocket money, or even jobless, u can simply make money. You need to be focused and must have a practical approach in order to be a blogger. Today, almost all big internet markets launch blogs every new year to multiply their current income. Running a blog is the simplest thing one an ever expect but building your first productive blog is a challenge

lets us see this clip to have a better idea “why to blog”!

But let’s talk about the basic steps that should be taken before actually starting a blog, they will definitely guide you throughout your journey as a professional blogger.

You must follow up these four Fundamental requirements


1. Skill building

If you want to thrive in this blogging business, you must develop a good sense of understanding and knowledge about the need of:

· Web designing

· Web developing

· Internet markets

If you have any one of these skills, you can prove out to be a successful blogger. It must be understood clearly that blogging is all about putting in your efforts with interest. If you will not enjoy your work, you won’t be able to achieve anything. A blogger has to do multi tasking. He needs to be a good English writer who communicates with his readers by his content. He should be aware of the fact that, in order to grab his reader’s attention, he should present his work in the best way possible. It should be a professional piece and the reader should not get the impression that he actually wasted his time in reading the post. A regular and proper maintenance of the blog is very important.try to make a bright lively, yet decent blog with rich HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript affects to provide a better web interface to the visitors. A clean and easy to navigate blog earns an upper hand as that makes read and searching of the content systematically user friendly. Therefore, just having good writing skills doesn’t give you the authenticity that you can be a professional blogger too. For that you must have some technical skills too.

Learning HTML ad CSS is quite easy and you can do that within month.

2. Understanding the Search Engine

We all are familiar with the basic understanding about the search engines. However many of us are deprived of the actual and deep purpose of search engines. They play the most important role in bringing traffic to your blog. Optimizing your blog was the first step, but that doesn’t bring us to the end. In fact, search engine is the platform that allows you to compete with the billion of WebPages that gets fed into yahoo, Google and Bing each minute.

It is necessary for every blogger to follow up the following three steps in order to make its blog earn via search engines.

a. Generate Quality Content:

To understand the process, you should first understand the literal meaning of Quality content. It’s not about keep writing up to 1000s of words. No! According to latest Google Panda Guidelines, it means to publish a unique content which must be new and latest. Search engines hunt keenly for such blogs that provides relevant content, current news and new trends followed across the globe. the first one to publish

Consider the blogging world as a competition. You should try to be the first one to publish something latest and hottest. Always share tutorials and posts on latest developments.

For example: the moment people go to know about face book video calling, thousand of tutorials and posts were published from that very moment. Keep this in mind that you have to be faster than the rest of the world.

c. Avail the Benefit evermore

Once you become the first to start breaking the latest news, you will see that search engines, especially Google will automatically start driving a large traffic towards you. What could have been even better?

3. Keep yourself updated

Becoming a blogger is not only to be updated with your own blog, its something really big! It requires a sharp attitude towards the enhancement of the high tech world. For that you need to subscribe to social and online media. You can use Alexa toolbar as it shares interesting headlines and all the happenings around the globe. Also, create an igoogle homepage where you can add RSS feeds of Blogs .keep updated!

4. Publish posts daily

You need to keep a track of the fact that a regular posting is very important to expect some revenue. Posting twice or thrice in a week will lead you nowhere. Your blogging career totally depends upon your posting frequency!

So are you ready to build a blog?

These were the four primary steps that are needed to be kept into mind before starting a blog.but that’s easy. Isn’t it? Do you think you can start a new blog now?

Well you surely can.:)

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