How to Make a PayPal Account in Pakistan Using Payoneer?

How to Make a PayPal Account in Pakistan Using PayoneerEarning Online and starting up with your own  business is catching much fire across the globe where newbies are getting engage into multiple ways of making money online. While Blogging leads the race, freelancing, Fiverr, and Paid Surveys too make a good combination of online opportunities.  Having a PayPal account is one of the very essential requirements for majority of the bloggers but it is really unfortunate that there are a couple of countries where PayPal services are banned and Pakistan is one of them.

This post is all about how to make a Paypal Account in Pakistan using Payoneer!

What is PayPal?

This is not a tough question for the internet users somehow indulged with online business and market. This is because PayPal is one of the largest online payment service provider worldwide. PayPal Holdings Inc. is basically an American company of online payment systems. It was founded in 1998 when internet and IT industry were catching its roots to large extent. It provides assistance to online money transfer and transaction replacing conventional paper methods like money orders or checks. Its headquarters are now in San Jose, California, USA. Millions of online vendors and internet commercial users use PayPal as electronic payment and pay a fees for the service.

Why PayPal is banned in Pakistan?

Pakistan has got approximately 18 million internet users in the recent past years. This makes all of us wonder why a big online venture like PayPal is banned in Pakistan. There are some major factors that have become or have been made to compel the authorities to ban PayPal in Pakistan. One of the most important reason is complicated and tough rules and regulations by State Bank. Somehow, it should not be questioned since Pakistan’s online market is now so full of scams and frauds. Where Pakistan stands one of the emerging countries regarding communication and information technology, at the same scenario there are people making the most of it by using illegal ways to earn money and trapping the users into their fraud.

Money transfer and transaction is a very sensitive and fragile matter of any organization so as to prevent the scam or fraud, PayPal has banned its services in Pakistan.

Unfortunately, there is also a not-so-good perception of Pakistan throughout the world. Thanks to international media for showing Pakistan as a country of terror and crime. It has also influenced the decision of banning PayPal for not being used as terrorist funding platform or money laundering bench.

 How to get it using Payoneer?

Pakistan’s internet users involved in online businesses, jobs and other various traits have been severely suffering the process of money transfer, transactions and online payments since PayPal has banned its services here. But there are some smart brains evolving techniques to get a verified PayPal account in Pakistan that is by using Payoneer.

The following steps are to be taken in order to get done:

  • The first thing to do is to get a PayPal account. While getting registered on PayPal, you will surely face the problem of not having Pakistan in the list of countries. Here you are supposed to play a trick by providing your name and password but the address and phone number belonging to any other country like USA or UK. There are websites to provide you with help in this regard. This gives you a PayPal account.

Now its time to get your Payoneer account which is no problem at all since its services are available in Pakistan. Provide your correct information like ORIGINAL phone number and address of Pakistan. You will get your master card on your address in almost 20 days.

  • Now you can get an account in the bank of your respective country and get it verified since you have got Payoneer Master Card. Get your verified bank account in any bank.
  • Now you can link your PayPal account from your bank account by hitting link bank button on your PayPal page.

 Here you go with your verified PayPal account! Let us know about your feedback!

Good Luck

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