How to increase E-commerce Business Website Sales?

eCommerceECommerce is getting more and more popular from the past few years. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and is going only one way, up! Hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent online each year. And with such exponential growth patterns, taking advantage of the opportunity would be a smart move. Selling products online has emerged as a major source of income for many businesses and people. If you have an online store for selling products and services, then you can benefit from this post. We will discuss how you can increase your e-sales, and how to increase your subscribers and conversions, since those are the keys to the success of an online business.

If you don’t have an online store, you can create one as easily as you’d create a blog. We have written a detailed tutorial on this on our sister blog;

If you’re interested, you can’t let go of this opportunity. Here are some tips that will help you get your online store pick up some pace and increase your sales. It is mostly about first impressions and how professional and trustworthy your website looks. Trust is the building block here, because people don’t want to be scammed or get involved in a fraudulent scheme. Would you?

Create a Contact Us page

Creating Contact Us and FAQ pages is extremely important. Also important is the About Us page. People want to know who you really are. They won’t deal with someone who can’t even to bother to fill in his information. Give out as much information as possible. It would be best if you give them your physical address and phone number. That way, they can be sure that you are a real company, and not just some fraudulent scammer who will run away with their credit card information.

These pages will also tell customers what you are about, and how you came to be. Putting up a short story about how your business started, what was the inspiration, and so on will work for your benefit.

Trust seals

Trust seals such as TrustE and Verisign tell your customers that you are trustworthy, and won’t steal their money. This is the most important thing an eCommerce website needs to concentrate upon. Everyone trusts Amazon or eBay, even if sometimes products do get lost or are damaged. But who will trust a new website like yours? You will need to put in some money to acquire certification from these websites to display trust seals or badges. They have certain standards your website needs to comply to in order to be certified. So it wouldn’t hurt to spend some money on your website to make it standard-compliant, because it’s all about building trust.

Use Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a great place to promote your products. It is where you can upload your product information for the whole world to see. People looking for a product similar to yours might come across your product through Google’s search engine. Read this article for more detailed information on how to promote products on Google Merchant Center.\

Google Website Optimizer

The Google Website Optimizer will help you create a better website for your business. It has various tests you can perform. It will help you create a more user-friendly site, while at the same time working to get your website listed in SERPs.

Reviews and testimonials

Now here is a trick part. Testimonials and endorsements are recommendations made by others who have used your website to other people who might be interested. You could ask your customers for feedbacks and testimonials. If they are good, you can feature them on your website. Ever turned a novel or a book over to the back cover, and saw some quotations written there? Those are testimonials written in favor of the book to give it more credibility. If the testimonial comes from a large company that has been your customers, you can even boast about having such a valued customer. The more reputable the source, the better it is for you. Average customers can do it too.

You can also spend some money and ask people for paid reviews. These are positive reviews that will not only give you traffic from the writer’s blog, but also will incredibility if you feature such a review on your own website.

Creating a perfect online store and increasing your conversion rate will come at a cost of both your money and efforts. But it’s usually a matter of trial and error. Sometimes, it might not just be worth it to pay people out for paid reviews, or spending too much money on optimizing your website. You will need to learn what’s best for you. And that will come though practice. Good luck 🙂

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  1. Thanks Qasim, it helps 🙂 Selling online isn’t an easy task at first. i believe a consistent efforts and improvements are required to gain more sales and fame. Social media did help us to connect our “shop” with client’s feedback/ inquiry. A “celebrity way” of selling methods is one of the most interesting way of selling online too (a lot of them these few years 🙂 Good services are very important too! As an online seller, we really need to plan our time wisely. Keep our customer service quality high is very essential too 😉

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