How To Get Google AdSense Approved In India Fast?

Google AdSenseGoogle Adsense is one of the top leading higher revenue sharing publisher network on web. I hope that you are already familiar with Google Adsense and that lead you to read this post. Am I right??. As you all know that there are many alternatives to Google Adsense but none of them can compete with Adsense which have the highest CTR and pays highest revenue all over the web. But getting approved by Google Adsense is not at all a simple task and it lacks a lot of criteria.

I noticed huge number of bloggers stating that Google Adsense is pretty strict with adsense application sent by India and china bloggers as these countries have been effected by fraud clicks issue. These gossips have spread all over the blogosphere and there are plenty of questions on various forums like Google Adsense forum regarding this issue.

Is this issue really true??. Do you really feel so??. Is it really a difficult task for Indians to get adsense approved??. What does the Google employees really say about this issue??. Well one of the respected Google employee by name Mrs. Gracey has given a statement regarding this on the Google adsense forum, the statement flows here,

“If the website is of good quality, with original (not copied) content, and has been active for at least 6 months with lots of content and if it follows all of the adsense policy, terms of service and webmaster guidelines, then the website would likely be accepted by adsense, regardless of whether it was from India or Canada.

All potential adsense publishers must meet the guidelines, no matter where they are from. Those who aren’t getting approval probably have websites that are of poor quality or contain a lot of content that is copied from other places, or are not 6 months old yet”

So after having a glance over the statement given by a Google employee, we can get into conclusion that there is no such restrictions for any countries, however it is explicitly mentioned in various forums and adsense policies that the blogs should be at least 6 months old before applying for an adsense account.

On the other part, Do you have any thoughts of getting adsense approved account by paying some amount of money to some strange persons who are shouting all over the blogosphere that they can get an adsense approved account  for a very less price. If you have such idea of purchasing approved adsense account, do you really think that your paid adsense account will stay longer??. Never. .By doing so, Google adsense is very strict with this kind of conflicts and they may ban your address or your blog address forever from their adsense revenue sharing program. This is the main reason why all the advertisers rush towards Google Adsense. Make yourself sure that cheating Google Adsense is just an impossible task and a waste of time and money.

So while discussing about the Google adsense and India in this post, I have managed to explain these two major conflicts that occurs between Indians and adsense.

Does your blog is 6 months old?. Are you trying to get a prompt adsense account without buying it from someone?. Does your blog have enough good quality contents?. Are you still not getting Google adsense approval and are you feeling like the issue between adsense and India which I stated above is true!!?. Don’t worry then, the major purpose of this post is to help the failures like you and to get rid of this issue, I am writing this post to let you know how to get adsense approval easily using an Adsense revenue sharing social site named IndyaRocks. Which brings you the prompt adsense approval without trying to cheat the adsense and getting banned soon.

To say the fact, Indyarocks works as a social network and allows users to get adsense approval through indyarocks without having a website or blog and hence helps the people to earn some revenue apart from just wasting the time in social networks. Are you wondering that “Where will the Adsense Ads get placed??”, well this is one of the curious question and I kindly appreciate such questions. The answer for your question is very simple. Indyarocks involves everything automated, there is no need of you to place the code or worry about various other things. A pretty thing about Indyarocks is – they automatically places your adsense code all over your profile, photos, articles once after your Google adsense approval and thus generates a fast and easiest revenue for you. The final conclusion is – before getting Google Adsense approval through Indyarocks, you need to get qualified with 4 simple criteria, they are:

  • Your profile must be at least 50%-60% complete
  • You should use your own image as profile pic.
  • You should write a minimum of two articles on any topic.
  • You should upload a minimum of 10 photos to your profile.

When compared to getting approval by Google Adsense, these tasks are nothing difficult for a real blogger like you, who is struggling a lot to get adsense being an Indian . So what are you waiting for!!!. Move on by signing Up free with IndyaRocks now.

Once you qualify all the 4 criteria, visit the Indyarocks Adsense Program to apply for an adsense account and confirm your email by clicking the confirmation link on your inbox once after signing up for adsense program with IndyaRocks.

Google adsense ads will get automatically displayed on your profile with your publisher id once after you get complete approval by Adsense.

About the guest author

Vijay Prakash is one of the science student of india with the craze of becoming a tech geek and leading his life with blogging passion and hobby. His blog can be noticed @ Blogger Tricks, in which he writes about latest blogger tricks, blogging bugs and errors, SEO, tutorials, strategies and much more.

79 thoughts on “How To Get Google AdSense Approved In India Fast?”

      • Yes You can use pal. . .But make sure that your blog is 6 months old, should not be a pornography site. Should contain atleast 20 posts which are not copied from others.

    • dear friend , your adsense account is fully approved through indiarocks, yes or no ,please tell time i tried through indiarocks, that not fully approved,if you you sure that this method is fully adsense approved

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  1. If this simple trick works to get an adsense account then vijay can you tell me why you are using adbrite’s ads?
    Have your account got banned by google or still you are waiting for approval.
    I think google is much smarter than you and me, instead of using tricks try to write quality content and follow the TOS of google you will surely get an approved adsense account..

  2. Hi pals. .

    I really appreciate your point of view. The thing is i had purchased an adsense account for one of my older blog and i got it banned by google. This tactic of getting adsense account is really an genuine process and the thing about my blog is it is still not 6 months old yet so adsense account may get disabled if i place it on my blog.

  3. Hi pals. .

    I really appreciate your point of view. The thing is i had purchased an adsense account for one of my older blog and i got it banned by google. This tactic of getting adsense account is really an genuine process and the thing about my blog is it is still not 6 months old yet so adsense account may get disabled if i place it on my blog. Even though you get Adsense approved by this, before placing adsense on your blog, you should make sure that your blog is at-least 6months old, have at-least 20 quality posts which are not copied from others and your site navigation should be easy. This post is particularly written for those who are struggling to get adsense even though they qualify all these criterias.

    • Don’t worry pal. .just try once more after adding 2 more blogs to your indyarocks account. you will get approved. make sure that you are not writing about EARNING ONLINE MONEY N ALL as adsense hates such posts and one of the major thing that should be mentioned in this post is indyarocks shares 100% revenue

  4. Getting Adsense approval has always been considered as a difficult task by some, because they simply don’t follow the important policies you’ve mentioned here. Also, the ones who buy Adsense accounts are not less than fools, I know it’s frustrating not to get their account approved, but buying an account was never a good solution!

    • @saksham,

      You are exactly right pal. .There are few alternatives like indyarocks and bukisa through which we can get adsense genuinely. Buying an adsense account is not the only solution after getting disapproved. Its really a fool’s work


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  11. Nice tips Vijay. With Google taking a cautious approach in approving publishers especially from Asian countries, it has become all the more important to maintain quality standards on one’s blog.

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  13. Before applying for adsense I was afraid, if they will approve me or not but they approve me.

    You will not believe but I am having only 6 post and little traffic and blog is 3 months old but I got it 😛

    Don’t wait apply for it..

  14. Thanks for sharing. I read posts few days ago and implemented few things on my blog. My account was disapproved three times a row but now it got fully approved.

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  16. Hi!
    Can you focus on the requirements for TAX filing?
    I am an Indian, and i dont file a tax return as i am still studying. Please help me in this case.

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  19. Some users or infact bloggers had written in comments that they have got adsense approval in just 3 months and low traffic. How it can be possible? I don’t think they are saying right.

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  22. Hello Zaib,

    Well written article. I hope all newbies who are going to apply for adsense are reading this but generally they found articles/info when got rejected several times.

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  24. i have 2 blogs of original content and want to monetize with google adsense… i think i should apply with indyarocks program.. thanks for sharing it.

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  27. Hi Thanks for the sharing
    i have registered a new website. it has too many original content and high traffic. can i wait 6 months for apply adsense ?

  28. Thank’s for sharing valuable information…………………….i have to seen some comments somebody told to pay the money and to get adsence account,it’s true…….?

  29. Hello friend I had applied for a Google Adsense account for my website but google had not approved my Adsense account saying that your website has insufficient content but my website is a blogging site and has more than 150 articles. I don’t know what to do now. My website is …..

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  30. Hello:

    I applied for Google Adsense for 2 times and they replied same that


    ” Site does not comply with Google policies ”

    Anybody here kindly help me or guide me whats wrong with my site ?

    I can not understand that how to make my site perfect for Google adsense.

    How can i get approved adsense account ??

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