How To Effectively Promote a Webinar To Get More Leads?

promoting a webinarHosting a Webinar could prove to be very beneficial for your business and marketing campaign. Setting up a webinar is easy. All you need to do is find a great service and gather some ideas for discussion. But the hard part is getting people to attend your Webinar. While they can visit your blog or website at a time of their convenience, they won’t like to make special plans to attend your Webinar. Which is why you need to pay special attention and make efforts for promotion. Here are some tips for promoting webinars that’ll help you along the way.

Social Media

Social media. These two words are perhaps the most used, and most influential words in internet marketing. Social media can help with any kind of promotion, including that of a Webinar. With social media, you can reach out to an audience which you can’t hope to reach directly. Start out with Facebook and Twitter, and work your way around to Google+, LinkedIn, and more. The more the better. But don’t over promote. Just let people know about your webinar, and leave the decision to them. Don’t force them, ever!

Promo video

A great way to spread word about your Webinar is to create a promo video. Video marketing is another great aspect of social media marketing. Videos are easier to watch than reading some text. And hence, they spread more rapidly. And this video can build up people’s interest, just as a movie trailer builds up a movie interest. Learn some video editing, or hire a video editor and create a cool video that will catch your audiences’ attention.


Giveaways are another great way to build up people’s interest. You can either offer small reward to people who show up at your webinar, or enter their names in a lucky draw and offer a larger prize. These may include some eBook, licence to shareware software, free backlinks, or some money (if you dare :P). Don’t make it sound too good, or don’t offer ridiculously expensive prizes (like a $1,000) etc. Otherwise, people will think it’s too good to be true, and most probably is a scam.

Press release

You can send out a press release to announce your webinar. There are many services for this, such as Marketwire, PR Newswire, and PRWeb etc, that distribute and index your press release to over 3,500 websites. This allows people to find you based on keywords that they are interested in, and will result in higher conversion rates.

Create events

Events are a great way of letting people know about your Webinar. The first step, of course is to create a Facebook event. Most people will get to know about your event this way, and you can get their RSVP as well. You can also get your event/webinar listed at WebinarListings. If you”d rather reach out to people via email, you can use a service like EventBrite to create an event and send out emails to people and get their RSVPs.

Email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to add credibility to your webinar, and also to spread the word. Create a quick and simple newsletter, listing details for the webinar, and send it out to your lead lists. That way, all your leads will get to know about your webinar.

Blog posts

Write blog posts about your webinar! Those who follow your blog will be your most probable audience at your webinar. Let them know through a blog post, giving out all the details. Blog posts can be shared on social media as well.

Contact bloggers

Other bloggers can prove to be very influential in spreading the word. Seek out some bloggers in your industry (niche) and ask them whether they are interested. If they are, you can prompt them to write reviews for you, or encourage their audience to attend your web seminar. You can pay them in return or give them a backlink.

Those were some of the ways to promote a webinar. Always remember that you’ll need to interact with your audience as much as you can and build their engagement. That way, not only will they stick around, but also suggest you to others. And that is how businesses become successful.

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