How To Earn Money through Google Chrome?

google-chromeGoogle Chrome has fast gained popularity in the web browser industry. I’d say its entry in the browser battlefield has been more decisive than the browser war was in the ’90s. Today, Internet explorer has been knocked out from the top spot by Firefox and Chrome browsers. The reason for that is, Google Chrome is light, fast, easy to use, and no less powerful than IE. By February 2012, 36.3% of the world’s internet users were using Google Chrome, compared to 19.5% for Internet Explorer.

With a large market come many opportunities. If you are a Chrome user, you have the opportunity to earn a few bucks while you leisurely surf the internet. Not bad eh? If you don’t use Chrome, then now would be a good time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer. There are a few ways in which you can earn money through Google Chrome.

Find a bug in Google Chrome

This is perhaps thee most rewarding method in terms of earnings. Since more than one-third of the world’s internet users use Google Chrome, Google has taken an initiative to make browsing safer for all those users. It will pay hackers for finding security flaws in the browser!

According to Google: “As well as enabling us to thank regular contributors in a new way, we hope our new program will attract new researchers and the types of reports that help make our users safer.” The idea is to inform Google about a flaw before it gets exploited by the bad guys.

In order to qualify, hackers will need to disclose the flaw to Google privately before going public. They will then get the chance to earn anywhere from $500 to $3,133. A lot of people have already been paid out for finding bugs. Click here to learn more.

Note: This offer is only limited to the Chrome browser. Other Google products like Android etc are not included.

Participate in the Screenwise Trends Panel

This is a project started by the search engine giant to understand how ordinary people use the Internet, what times of the day people surf the internet, what sites are popular etc. The participants provide Google with the data.

As a participant, you won’t have to do any sort of work. All you need to do is, download and install a Chrome extension, and the data will be collected automatically. To be eligible, you need to be above 13 years of age. You must be using Google Chrome, and have a Google Account. Click here to get started.

On signing-up, you get a $5 Amazon gift. You receive additional gifts for as long as you stay with the program. The longer you stay, the higher your gift earnings.

Note: This program requires an extension to be installed. This might access your privacy data. However, your private information won’t be misused. Still, if you are uncomfortable sharing your information, you can use another browser for specific tasks, or not participate in the program at all.

Those were the two major ways of earning money through Google Chrome. If you have tried any of them, do share your experience with us. Cheers 🙂

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