How To Earn Money In Facebook’s Cityville Game?

CityvilleLike many other games by Zynga, such as Farmville, Cityville is another feature-rich and exciting online game on Facebook. Although not as old as others such as Farmville and Hold’Em Poker, Cityville does have its share of the Facebook online gamer population. It has over 27 million likes as yet, with hundreds of thousands of active users. Zynga truly has taken control of the online gaming battlefield.

Cityville allows players to build their own cities and metropolises from scratch! From building homes to business franchise, and even farming, there’s a lot you can do in the game that will never bore you. Now of course this is no RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. But I love Zynga’s concept of virtual world gaming where you interact with others and also build your own stuff. I play these games a lot too. Therefore I decided to write this post to share some tip on how you could increase your virtual earnings in the game.

Now there are type of currency in Cityville. Coins and Cash. Coins are extensively available throughout the game, and are used for buying buildings, expansions, and a lot other things. Cash is a premium for of currency. It can only be earned by leveling up, or bought via PayPal or Credit Card etc. It is used for buying special stuff in the game.

Build homes first!

Build homesBefore doing anything else, build some homes! Homes are extremely important in the game. The more homes you have, the better. Home bring in many benefits. First of all, they generate revenue in the form of rent. They style of the house will decide how much rent there will be, and how frequently you can collect it. So the more homes you have, the more coins you get.

Secondly, homes increase your population limit. Try to max out your population cap from early on. The more citizens you have, the more your businesses will thrive, and bring in more revenue. Homes can also utilize your excess energy that you have generated and have no use for.

There’s another very important thing. You should build community buildings. Once you have reached your population limit, you will not be able to build more houses. Well, that shouldn’t prove to be the limit of the revenue you can collect. To build more homes and collect more revenue, and to keep citizens happy, you will need to build community buildings. These buildings don’t need just money and energy. You might need to get some extra materials, or hire your neighbors as staff members til the building is complete.

Create businesses

The next step in the game after building homes would be to create businesses. Businesses can bring in large revenues. Cityville has many types of businesses such as bakeries, bike shops etc. Each business has varying amounts of revenue. Eventually, each business will run out of inventory, and you will have to restock it.


Add neighbors

Once you have your hold on the basics of the game, it’s now time to socialize. As in many Zynga games, having partners or neighbors is very important. The more neighbors you have, the more you will progress. They will send you gifts, materials that you need for buildings, help you in building things etc. If your friends aren’t playing Cityville, don’t worry! Head over to the Cityville forum to add strangers as neighbors!

Visit others’ cities!

I was waiting to move on to this point. You should always visit other people’s cities. This is very important in increasing your Cityville earrings, especially after Cityville introduced new changes such as hotels etc. Visit your neighbors’ cities and helkp them out on various tasks. In return, you will get experiance to leve up, money, good reputation etc. Visiting others’ hotels is the best way to earn money while in their cities. As you play the game, you will find out how lucrative it is to check-in at hotels.

Growing and selling products

New cities start with some strawberry crops, and a barn. You can plant and harvest your own crops if you want. Once harvested, you can use the final products to replenish your businesses’ supplies, or you can sell them to your friends. This is a great way of earning money as you create your own products and don’t have t buy them.

Growing products

Collecting bonuses

Look out for friends who share bonuses on their walls. These bonuses are often not available to the sharer himself. Which is why you can get bonus stuff from their cities. These bonuses include coins, XP, and other bonus stuff to decorate your farm. Alternatively, you could ask stuff from friends by sending them requests or posting on your wall for help.

Decorations help…a lot!

There’s one last thing you need to know. It’s more of a tip than a guideline. Decorations in your city don’t just make it look good. If you place a decoration near a home, you will get an extra percentage in the revenue that you collect. This is a good way to maximize your income.


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  2. I’ve started playing Cityville a long time ago but I didn’t know the decoration was important. Thanks a lot for the advice.
    All in all I have the same strategy in the game but sometimes I allow myself buying some extra City cash with game card or paysafecard, which is even better. Can’t stand depending on my friends when trying to complete one of those “collect 100 red envelopes from your neighbours” quests. I don’t have that many friends on Cityville.

    • haha yeah :P. but truth be told, it’s a waste of money really, because this is such an addictive game that you can’t resist spending actual money in the game. And the more your get into the game, the more you’re gonna spend. So I’d advise you to stay away from this habit if you care for your pocket :P. And for friends, try Castleville forum

  3. The most addictive game I have ever played in my life. I had become very much addicted to it and failed in my exam that year. But finally came out of my addiction and enrolled myself into another addiction i.e. blogging !!!!!!!

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