How to Earn $250 per Hour as a Freelance Writer?

How to Earn $250 per Hour as a Freelance WriterAre you in search of the master key to generate some big bucks? That too within as lesser time as possible? If it is so, you have surely come to the right place. Freelancing, as we know, has become a door to earn easy money for young ones as well as the experienced and veterans. But it still is not a trait that can be handled by every other one. It requires some major practices and strategies to adopt in order to achieve your fortune up to the mark.

Content writing has become too mainstream of all other internet jobs in the recent past years. The freelance writers are mostly found in a fuss to keep their rates high. Here are some major tactics that will help the writers to make good money in less time. The figure ‘$250 per hour’ kind of sums it up.

Keep up the high speed

The most important factor to remember while writing as a freelancer is the speed of writing. A practice of writing at a reasonable speed can make you get done with your tasks in lesser time. Its like the faster you write the more you earn. With finishing up your first draft, check the time and do it again to fit in a shrunk time period. It will help you write faster and to make your first draft the final write up.

Offer the best of all

In your newsletters, articles or blogposts, try to mention the best and the master value of what you are giving or offering to the client. Whatever you are offering is best in the market in what ways? How it can bring peace to your life? How it will not harm your budget while facilitating the level best it can? These major points should be highlighted to attract the people so that your rate for writing bumps up to a large extent.

Avoid quoting your hourly rate

The most harmful and damaging tool that a writer can use with its recognition is quoting his hourly rate when a prospect calls him out. In the eyes of a client, you are not selling your hours but solving their problem regarding a project. So start quoting the project rate instead of hours.

Avoid over researching

The amateurs mostly get confused and worried to get the research done accurately. For this purpose, they let a large part of their time go in finding facts. To all of them, keep the research limited and focus on writing at high speed with correct facts and figures. If you already are not in a habit of writing fast, you wont be able to put all the researched material into the article.

Approach the big market

If you want to excel your field, then don’t rely on sitting back and waiting for a prospect to approach you. They surely wont be eligible to offer you according to your rate. Tie your shoes and go out in search of getting a proposal from big names of the market. Those who are not approaching you on websites, they can pay you the big money you want. Look out for them and let them know about your offerings and rates. It can help you earn faster than usual.

So these are some quick tips that will get you an edge over your work and you will see your business excelling like anything. Please share your views about it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing…!

    It was a wonderful article for freelance writer, especially a newbie like me.

    I didn’t expect to earn huge amount as what you wrote, but I love it. Well, agree what you advised. The best to increase our income rate is to improve working speed.

    thanks for share..

  2. Hello Nida..I m a teacher by profession I want to do some sort of job that pay me a lot on internet will u please help in getting my aim …my writing speed is not so fast .thanks


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