How To Do Creative Writing To Make Money Online?

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Recently in one of my interviews, I was asked about the difference between Article Writing (and Blogging) and content- Based Writing (writing for websites or companies) and my answer to them was “difference of Creativity”. Although both brings you wealth (m a living example for this), but both of them are entirely two different species. Many of my friends and readers think that anyone who can speak English, and can write it flawlessly, can make money with this art. Let me assure you, that this is truly a false notion!

A Good writer must know how to split these two worlds completely and should not mix them in anyway. The more you handle them separately, the more you can earn, enhancing your expertise in both of the fields.

Now it’s time to help you in bringing out your creativity! Always consider the following points while writing anything online to make money!

Feel The Difference!

No matter how effective your writing skills are, you can never be a successful player until and unless you understand what you are writing first of all. This is just like a great scientist revealing his success stories about his space inventions in front of a motor mechanic!

blogging for myselfBlogging is something you do for yourself, there is only one thing you need to follow in your articles and that is to maintain and follow your Blogs’ niche! That means if you own a blog related to technology, don’t ever think of sharing the beauty tips in your article. Similarly, hidden identitywriting for a web means you have hidden your identity, the one will read your content is not interested about knowing what you think, what you experienced and what you share. No! You write for a web! The person is interested in your website and not you. Knowing the difference between the syntax of the story, you can definitely show the best skills in both of them.

Art of Linguistic Duality!


Have you ever used those pick up lines with your parents that you use with your friends? I m sure you are wise enough not to do that! And if you ever have, then you must be familiar with the consequences as well!

Language plays the real role, keeping the above example in mind; always plan what format of language you should choose before writing. You must know when and where you have to advertise and when to pass neutral statements. As I said earlier, you have to be keen enough to understand the theme of the forum you are planning to write for. neutralWhen you write an Article for a blog, you are actually using a forum to present your views in front of people who are following you (Already). You should maintain the softness in your tone and must avoid passing bias statements. Your one sided attitude might hurt your reader’s perception about the topic, causing you a loss in viewership as well as in making money.

On the other hand, content based writing is purely based on a biased approach; after all, it’s a business! The owner of the company hires you only when you know how to promote his product through your writing skills. It really doesn’t matter whether the product is a great hit in reality or not, you just have to raise its worth by your words. You should be creative enough to dominate over your competitors. For example, M&M Chocolates, they used a line in one of their advertisements that was “chocolate that melts in your mouth and not in your hands!” you see? Not a single word of this phrase is uncommon, yet making the product unique; this is what you call USP’s!

Not all your potential readers/clients have a good vocabulary and always remember that they are searching about the product/service/information just to save their time. They are not interested in your lofty words, many of them might don’t even know the meanings too. Always keep your language simple, smooth, to-the-point! For blogging, the interests and current happenings in the market should also be added in the list. Content writing includes all of the above stated features, along with the appealing and attractive tone to encourage viewers to buy the product or avail the service!

Consider only – Targeted Audience!

Once you choose this way for you to become a creative writer, only consider your Targeted readers in the next step. When your potential reader comes all the way searching via search engines to your website, he should not regret! And for that you must know how to facilitate him through your writing. For example, a person, too fed up with facebook timeline, searches about “why Facebook timeline cannot be removed!” and your blog or website shows the history of Facebook, the features of timeline, etc. the reader will only get frustrate and will never come to your page for sure. At least I won’t!

Following your niche of Blog is extremely necessary here, if your blog is about technology, then you should know before publishing your article who will be interested in reading your words. Once you know that, focus on them only!

targeted audience

Content based writing is a little different here; you have to advertise the potential clients, as well as have to encourage all the internet users to increase your sells. Your first preference should be the clients that are interested in your products. For example, , the potential clients will be all those who are in search of a good anti- virus, but through content based writing, you can assure people using different softwares that it is one of the best anti viruses and not only protects your system but also helps in debugging other software issues!

Use your Mind – use Communication Skills

SOFT SKILLSThe most important of all, is the communication skill. I have been attending a lot of trainings and seminars on this but still feel there is a large scope of improvement. It’s my sincere advice that if you haven’t worked for learning communication skills, then please do. Once you get a hold on this, you will find the world in your hand. Its only the written communication, which is ruling the e-world. You must know what you should write that will please your reader, trust me. For example, “I know that you are wise enough to follow my posts because this is what I expected from the people with brains and you are surely one of them” see? Address your potential clients (in case of content based writing) and readers (in case of blog articles) in such a way that they feel they are important. This is because, its human nature that they like to be getting praised.creative writing

Communication skills help you in playing with the minds of your targeted audience. Your soft skills should be polished before you write for a website specially because, once you write it, that’s final! That will place your product’s (and not yours) first impression and that can make it the last impression too! For content based writing, use the weak points of the customers.

Therefore, only good English will lead you nowhere, there is so much more you need to learn before claiming yourself as a Writer. Try working on the above stated points, cash your skills and bring out the best of you!

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  1. @On the other hand, content based writing is purely based on a biased approach; after all, it’s a business!

    I totally disagree! I am a content writer and I have been doing it on and off.
    I wrote for qatar airways a few weeks back and I dont think its biased in any way.
    Here is the link:

    Tell me how come it is biased in ANY way?

    • so amna kindly share with us what do you write for their website? do you promite emirates there? or you say ” though qatar airways is a good one yet…….” do you balance the good points of the company , stating the bad ones as well? in that case, it was new to me,biased referred to the one-sided approach that NORMALLY the Sellers do to increase their sales.
      thank for sharing,

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