How To Automate Your Farm In Farmville?

Automate your farmFarmville is a very addictive game. Making crop strategies, finding neighbors, sending and receiving gifts, decorating your farms, all make good excuses for you to stick around with it. But playing Farmville can be hectic. What if you could automate your farm to reduce your own workload? I am sure most of you might have been looking for some such solution.

Why is Farmville hectic?

If you know anything about Farmville, you will know this. It involves a lot of clicks. And I mean a LOT! Suppose you have a farm of size 20×20. That makes 400 fields in all. Now for each time you want to harvest previous crops and plant new ones, you need to click 400 times for harvesting, 400 times for plowing the land, and 400 more times for planting seeds for new seeds. 1200 click in all. And if you have a larger farm, well good luck clicking away :).

What’s the solution?

Well, the most obvious solution to this clicking problem would be to buy some machinery. Get a tractor for plowing 4 fields in one click. There are seeders and harvesters as well for the same purpose. These machines will knock down your number of clicks to a quarter.

Better yet, get a combine, which will harvest, plow, and seed 4 plots in one click! This makes 12 operations per click! You can also upgrade your combine, so that it can work on more than 4 plots in one go. I have a combine that works on 16 farms at a time, making it 49 operations per click! Amazing huh?

Better solutions

Vehicles, although fast, are still not ideal. They still involve a lot of clicking, especially on large farms. What if you could automate the whole farming process so that you can sit back and relax as your coins and XP increase by themselves? Fortunately, there are some managers, and scripts that you can use for that purpose. The scripts are free, while the managers need to be purchased at a modest price of less than $7.

Farmville managers

There are three main Farmville managers available, Extreme Farmville Manager, Farmville Helper, and Farm Bot.

Extreme Farmville Manager

This is the most popular Farmville manager. It has around for a long time, and its latest version is quite stable. It will do all the repetitive tasks for you, such as plow, plant, harvest crops. It also harvests your trees and animals. Not only that, it also automatically fertilizes your neighbor’s farms to get extra fuel and other stuff, and can also work on earning ribbons. For leveling up fast, you can use the plow, plant and then destroy cycle strategy, which will get you instant XP to level up.

Another great thing about it is that you can schedule tasks for anytime. This means you will no longer have to worry about your crops withering.

What I like about this manager is, you can buy it through your PayPal account, which is the most secure and reliable payment method out there. And it’s not very expensive either. You will definitely want to get this.

Download from here

Farmville Helper

This is the latest product in the market. Ever since the rumor about Extreme Manager, FV Helper got more and more popular. It offers the same features that the Extreme Manager provides. And at just $7, it’s really not a bad bargain.

There are two versions for this. The ‘pro’ and ‘lite’. The pro version has all the functionality and costs $7. The lite version is free, and only provides some basic functions like plowing, planting, harvesting etc.

Click here to try it out

Farm Bot

Although not as easy to use as the other two, this provides all the features that the others provide. It was the first such bot made available for Farmville, and it has a helping supporting staff.


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