How To Auto Publish Twitter Updates on Facebook?

Publish tweets on FacebookFacebook and Twitter are the most widely used social networks around the world. Most people using Twitter, use Facebook as well. For bloggers, having profiles on both the networks is a must. And even for other people, social networks have become an important part of their lives. Sharing thoughts, interests and stuff has become a major part of social interactions. In case you are active on both the social networks, you might have wondered whether you could publish stuff on both simultaneously. Previously, I talked about how you could publish your Facebook posts on Twitter. Now, we’ll travel in the opposite direction, i.e. how to automatically publish Twitter feed on your Facebook Profiles and Pages.

As with publishing from Facebook, publishing from Twitter is done through an app, or rather apps. There are many such apps out there. But many have proved to be phishing scams. Here, I will tell you about some of the most reliable ones which you can trust.

Selective Tweets

This is a great and simple little app that allows you to publish your Tweets on your Facebook profiles as well as Facebook Pages.

To set up Selective Tweets, go to this page; Selective Tweets Application. There is only a one-step process. Just enter your Twitter user name in the field provided. Then, you will be prompted about the privacy you want to associate with the app generated posts. After that, you will just have to provide permissions to the app to access your profile. You are now all ready to go!

Selective Tweets

The great thing about this app is, you can select which tweet you want cross-published to Facebook. To select a tweet, just add a #fb hash-tag at the end of your tweet! Simple right?


Selective Tweets is a really simple application for Twitter to Facebook publishing. It will fulfill many of your basic needs. But if you are looking for a more professional solution, then look no further! HootSuite is the best social networking solution. You can use it to publish posts on multiple networks at once. So you will just need to write one tweet for Twitter ad then auto publish it on Facebook as well. You can also schedule posts, and much more!


The modus operandi of this app is different from a normal and simple auto-publisher. You will have to write posts on HootSuite if you want them to be cross-published to Facebook and other social networks.

The great thing about this app is, it is available for Android and iOS as well! Thus, you can publish posts and use all the features right from your handheld device!

There are other such apps as well, such as Ping FM. But I think these will suffice for now. HootSuite is a great app. And if its simplicity you want, go for Selective Tweets. Good luck 🙂

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