How To Auto Publish Facebook Posts On Twitter?

Publish Facebook posts on TwitterFacebook and Twitter are the two most widely used social networks all over the world. Facebook has over 800 million active users, while Twitter enjoys a lesser, but no less modest 140 million active users (both as of March 2012). While Facebook is mostly for connecting friends and family, Twitter is more centered towards marketing products and interacting / providing information and updates to your followers. Twitter, then,is the most essential tool in a blogger’s toolkit. Wouldn’t it be nice if your Facebook updates are automatically published on Twitter?

Facebook has introduces a lot many changes in the past few months, namely the Facebook Timeline, Facebook Ticker, Facebook Lists, Facebook Interest Lists, Facebook Profile Back up, etc. All these changes have been spurred on by the coming of the rival social network, Google+. I think it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the arrival of Google+ egged Facebook on to introduce some revolutionary changes to stay ahead of the game. Sure, Twitter was a rival social network as well. But Twitter is in a league of its own, while Google+ is targeting the same audience as Facebook. Which is why Facebook is expanding its influence by bringing about many changes.

Now coming back to the topic, Facebook also introduced an option to link your Facebook account with Twitter. That way, you can tweet your updates without having to open Twitter. Just publish something on Facebook and it will automatically be tweeted!

Link to Twitter

How to Link Facebook to Twitter?

To link your Facebook profile or page to Twitter, go to this link; Link Your Facebook Account To Twitter. Next, you will have a button Link My Profile to Twitter. If you have any pages associated with your profile, you will see them on the same page, with the Link to Twitter button next to them.

Next, you will be prompted to authorize the app to publish on Twitter. Click on Authorize App. If you are not logged into Twitter, it will first ask you o login. Only then you can Authorize the app.

Tweet Authentication

Once you have authorized the app, your profile is now linked to Twitter. You then get a prompt where you can choose what updates to publish on Twitter.

Choosing updates

You are all done. Save changes and continue doing your normal daily business. You can test this feature by posting on Facebook, and it will automatically do the same on Twitter. You can always undo this by going to settings.

Oh and one more thing. you will have to set post privacy to public if you want it to appear on Twitter.

There is one other important thing. If you have already set up another auto publishing app for tweeting Facebook posts, such as feed burner etc, the already published posts will not be published again. But you need to be careful if you have set some Twitter to Facebook publishing app. It might result in duplicates. So experiment around with it to learn how it all works.  Then carefully publish your posts. Happy sharing 🙂

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