How To Approve Your Blog On BuySellAds?

ow to get approval for your blog BuySellAdsThe first thing bloggers look forward even before starting a blog is to have numerous Advertisements for their blog in order to make money with each Ad! Once your blog succeeds in attracting a huge traffic on daily basis, you will see a bunch offers for placing Ads on your blog. However, what people sometimes overlook initially is the fact that getting an approval for advertising is not easy. Heard of It is the most popular Banner Advertising Site. Getting an approval from can be as simple as possible if you have your plans clear in your mind.

Here are top 6 tips that you need to first understand and then implement in order to start having Advertisements on your blog and make money with it.

1. Own a domain name

There are thousands of blogs that have a considerable readership but still not earning a single penny with Ads. The reason behind this is the fact that these sites do not own a professional domain of their own. Making a blog on blogger or other revenue sharing website is pretty simple and your advertisers are clever to know this. It’s a generally accepted perception that the sites having domain like have less priority than , in fact there is not any match even. Always get a professional domain for your website that is owned by you so that the entire profit coming your ways goes out to you only as well.

2. Attract Readers – Hold on the Traffic!

It’s important to make it clear in your mind that your Blog is simply nothing without your readers. The first step in a blogging career is to attract a huge traffic in order to make the base of this business strong. Advertisers pay you to place their Ads on your blog only when they will see that your blog is worth investing. The second foremost thing is that you must know how to retain the readers. Be wise enough and don’t let your readers to switch over the platform. Work on how to increase traffic for your blog so that your readership builds. Once done with that, your potential advertisers are quite near to you.

3. Maintain Your Blog- Work on the Looks

What do you observe in the first look when you open up a website? It’s obviously, the appearance. The more eye-catching a blog is, the more are the chances that it will attract the advertisers towards it. People on different blogs talk about having colorful and funky designs, however, in reality, what will work out best for you is what makes you unique; unique in a sense that keeping your blog niche, the demographics of the blog and the reader comments, choose a layout, looking most decent and attractive at the same time. Be creative!

4. Feature BuySellAds on your blog

It may sound a little strange but if you want your blog to be approved, you have to make sure you have featured BuySellAds on your blog. That way you have an edge over other bloggers who have not done it. However this doesn’t mean you have to have en entire post on BSA, quality will always be the major deciding key.

5. Interact with the world- get the world on your website!

When you decide earning online, especially when this online earning is the primary source of income, your interaction with the online world out there is significantly important. To make it understand more, consider your online blogging business as an international trading one rather than a local trading market. Socializing on social networks is newly added trend and really it do wonders for bloggers. What I observe on different blogs is, there are a large number of comments but not a single like or tweet. Now, that is the point where you need to know that bunch of likes on facebook, bucket full of tweets on twitter is what the advertisers notice in the first glimpse. Work on getting more Facebook Likes for your every post and you will see miracles. Apart from social networking, do visit other blogs of your own niche. Doing this will introduce you to people who can be your potential readers, thus increasing the chances of increase in traffic. Moreover, as you have sufficient information about your domain, you can show your credibility by sharing your views and news on other forums.

6. No Compromise on Quality content!

Readers visit your blog to learn, to sustain what they are looking for. If you are a genius and know how to increase the appearance in search, you must be wise enough to provide quality content on your blog too so that the bounce rate remains low. I was shocked to see that my articles were copied ditto and were published on a blog (name not mentioned deliberately), having same images even with my picture and the SEM logo that I normally place on all the images I share. Now the point is, what does this copy business brings back? Answer is, simply nothing. Always produce fresh content for your blog so that readers start relying on you. This is an important factor that decides your future in the blogging career.

Working on the above stated tips, you will see how easy it becomes to get an approval for advertising and enjoy making money online

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27 thoughts on “How To Approve Your Blog On BuySellAds?”

  1. nice tips, but other than these they also check your alexa rank and page rank and somehow if that’s not good enough, they won’t approve your blog.

  2. Agree with all 6 points, the 3 matters the for buy sell ads are custom domain, quality content and traffic……..
    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I have been trying to get approved by BSA but some how they are not approving my blog. My blog design and traffic is good but don’t know why they are not convince with my blog.

  4. I have alexa rank around 50K, still they did not approve my site, but I feel that this is good as they are trying to build the highest quality publishers, this will attract more advertisers, one day when I do get in (maybe a couple of months) then it will be good.

    • reason behind your blog not getting approved could be, there are many categories on your blog and BuySellAds only accept blogs which are focused on specific niche’s…

  5. Hi Friends,
    The basic requirements to apply for buysellads are, firstly you must have 1-3000 visitors for your blog on regular basis. A good design of your blog with quality content are the added features making it easy to get the approval.
    hope that works out for you,

    all the best

  6. I believe that there is no alternative besides blogging in an intelligent way.You must need to have some good content with standard.Otherwise traffic will not come to your blog and no BSA.This is simple.

  7. I have always been wary of using BuySellAds, even though it is a great medium for selling ads. The only reason for this is their 25% cut of the share, which is a bit high in my opinion.

  8. I have site where people can make new friends and share their feeling with each others, I just want to know that how I can market it for free, will you give me any advice and I also requesting you to create your ID there for your followers. Thanks, I will probably waiting for you answer.

  9. thanks for this article, I got an idea and I hope my form approve with my 200k alexa rank and pagerank 2 blog. Looking forward to get approve.

  10. Hi Nida,
    its tough to get buysellads without having a popular niche like on tech, apps, web designing or seo etc. I submitted my education blog with huge traffic but still they have rejected me.

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