How to Prevent Unwanted Tagging Of Your Photos in Facebook?

How to Prevent Unwanted Tagging Of Your Photos in FacebookSocial media has added all the spices in life where you enjoy everything that is linked to you-and what is totally out of context too. Facebook Tagging option made this entire community more connected. Although tagging your friends in mutual pictures and videos, as well as in funny random shares is truly a fun, it sometimes become too irritating. I always love to have huge number of notifications only and only if they are related to me. Is it the case with you too? What about having a wall with much of unrelated photos and videos where you have been tagged by your friends randomly? That is really an annoying thing. Cherry on the top, if you have your Facebook mobile notifications activated, you get notified on your cell phone every time someone tags you and moreover, every time someone comments on it, you get the notifications as well.

Now here is a simple solution to get rid of unwanted notifications by stopping the tagging in photos and videos. This tutorial will surely make your life a peaceful one, it made mine undoubtedly!

1) Remove previous Tags

There must be plenty of photos and videos already existing in your profile where you must be tagged irrelevantly. Before we move on to a permanent solution, let us first correct the previous mistakes. You first need to untag yourself from the images and videos where you are tagged. Un tagging yourself is pretty easy but can be again irritating if you have to do it separately for every picture.

You can do this in two ways:

a) Go to the picture and click on “remove from timeline”

remove tags from acebook

b) Click on the options below the picture and select report/remove tag.

report and remove tag from facebook

This will pop up an option screen where you will be needed to select a reason why you are removing the tag. Select the reason, most appropriate and move on.

remove tags

2) say no to unwanted updates with unfollow posts

Think of a childhood friend tagging you in an old group photo. Would you like to remove your tag then? Obviously no! but what to do with the continuous trail of notifications that will be bugging your profile as well as your cell phone inbox with comments that other tagged friends will make on it? its easy, you only need to unfollow the post, this option was not available before few months, and then the life was pretty difficult where either you had to say a yes to unwanted notifications too if you are fine with tags, and if notifications became too bugging, you had to remove your tag as well!

unfollow posts on fb

There is the option “unfollow post” available below every post where you are tagged in. clicking on it simply will take you out of the flood of expected notifications.

3) set it once and for all-start reviewing

You can obviously not stop your friends from tagging you from their end, but what Facebook has introduced now is, you can always monitor now which tag to allow and which to reject. To control this, go to your Facebook Privacy Setting menu from the top right corner of your Facebook page.

privacy settings at facebook

This will open up the privacy setting page in front of you, scroll it downs to the Timeline and Tagging section and click on Edit Settings.

edit settings

click on the Review posts friends tag you on the pop up screen.


This will bring you on the timeline review pop up box. all you need to do is to select enable and replace it with default Disabled.


This option will allow you to check all the tags that are added by your friends before actually being published on your wall. You have all the rights to review  any tags and can remove or approve them according to your own choice.

So that was a simple tutorial to make your life easier and saying bye to the unwanted tagging. keep your Profile Neat just like you maintain yourself!

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