How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winning?

How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winningFighting in the marketing world with the new ways of giving a tough time to the competitors is becoming the foremost concern of the huge businesses who are in a continuous race with their competitors and that becomes obvious when you see their product promotions on screen.

If you have ever given a look to the thought on how similar and how different Pepsi and Coca Cola are, you must have landed-up yourself in an utter confusion on how both of the companies are surviving when both of them are running more or less on the same ideology.

Let us explain How Pepsi and Coca Cola are Stealing each other’s Ideas and still winning?

Summer campaign

summer campaign

The two amazingly successful brands in the name of their own, remain consistent to make its consumers stick to their product for lifetime. They somehow manage to take the advantage of seasons and events to make their promotional advertisements. For instance, both brand rivalries come up with the summer campaigns comprising of commercials that make people attracted towards the chilled essence of their drink.

For instance, Pepsi launched a campaign in the summer 2011 by making a commercial with tag line “summertime is Pepsi time” in which Pepsico has recruited Santa (a symbol for coca cola ) buying Pepsi over coca cola because he is on vacations.

Another summer advertisement by Pepsi has been launched which says “live it Now”. It has been turning the pages since its launch. The tag lines like “beat the heat with pepsi” is also hitting the pals out there.

giving social messages

Same is the case with coca cola, with its most popular “share a coke with..” campaign. A bottle of coke having a name of your loved one is one best idea that could be implemented for promoting the product.

Discount and gift hampers

discounts and giftsCoca cola in 2015 distributed coke gift hampers on eid festival among working people. Pepsi is famous for its amazing discounts on festivals like eid, Christmas, Halloween and new year all over the world. Also, both brands have their products like shaped glasses which are presented as a gift in meals of different food outlets.

Giving social messages

It has now become a trend for both the brands to give social messages through their advertisements. in this run, coca cola is at a few marks above than pepsi. Pepsi is most of the time giving focus on the personality having a sip of the drink. Coca cola has recently come up with an ad “roshni banein” or “be a miracle” which gave a lesson to be kind with everyone. Share a coke with.. project is also a sign of promoting love with everyone.

Copying advertisements

 Most of the time, the advertising strategies of pepsi and coca cola make the critics find a cliché in the concepts of their advertisements. That can be blatantly deduced as stealing each other’s ideas still winning the market with a tough competition. That is because of the quality of the commercials as well as of the product.

Lucky draws

Coca cola and Pepsi come up with the lucky draws on the annual basis. The lucky draws by both brands mostly contain the draws for cars, mobile phones, air tickets etc. in 2015, Pepsi smashed the charts with 50 cars lucky draw. Coca cola is running a draw for air tickets presently all over the world.

Making use of religious/social and patriotic events

The two big names in the running market of soft drinks are not playing it low at all. They don’t let different events go ordinarily. Whether it’s cricket world cup, a social event or religious event like Eid or Christmas, Pepsi and coca cola celebrate it their own way.

The T-20 world cup in the recent past years took Pepsi to a larger fame with players appearing in the commercials and playing to have Pepsi.

There is one coca cola campaign on this Eid which distributes gifts as a token of happiness among those who work even on the event days like traffic constables performing duties on eid day as well. Ramadan special ads are also a feature of both the brands.

Sponsoring music

One of the most appealing feature of both the brands is their campaigns regarding sponsoring music. The concept was manly implemented by coca cola in 2008, with the release of first session of coke studio. Since then, coke studio has become a symbol of pop and mixed genres of music in the music industry of Pakistan. In year 2010, Pepsi launched its music session under the label of Pepsi Smash. It also made the audience attracted towards the brand and making comparisons between the two music platforms. Pepsi Smash failed to gain as much popularity as coke studio. In 2015. Pepsi came up with a brand new project named as “Chand sitara” a duet by legends like Junaid Jamshed and Salman Ahmed. It spread a spree in the competition list of the two brands.

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