How Much Share in Property is Given to Women Divorced in India and Pakistan

How Much Share in Property is Given to Women Divorced in India and PakistanSeparation between husband and wife, what we know as ‘Divorce’ on getting official and legal, is one of those acts that one never wants to experience. But this bitter fact sometimes become the reality of two lives and is needed to be accepted anyhow. The dissolution of marriage takes place as a consequence of marital issues, lack of understanding or any kind of unrest between the spouses. The nature and environment put large impact on such kind of happenings. You can see different trends of causes and reasons that combine to let the individuals take final decision for divorce. The trend varies from country to country and region to region.

Divorce laws and procedures are all different for different countries too. Sub-continent, to be specific, comprises of two nations Pakistan and India. People from these countries are considered to be kind of narrow minded and conservative. Even the name of divorce can make people sentimental and feel awkward. Whatever it is, but these societies don’t allow and accept this reality with an ease. Also, the male dominancy, associated with these societies often make this act much difficult for women.

Law of Property Share- Pakistan

According to Pakistan’s divorce laws, there is no legal right of a woman to get a share in property of her husband after divorce. That becomes a question when it is about the ‘Haq Meher’ that is a must to pay  thing by husband and the property that wife has made for herself like her gifts in dowry and earnings if she is a working woman.

Law of Property Share – India

law of property share after divorce in india

According to the latest updated divorce laws in India, wife’s share in all the residential property of her husband would be 50% in any case. The share in residential property was always defined as a right to wife in case of divorce but there was no quantum set for it. It has now become mandatory. The wife is also compelled to get her share in other kind of properties but there is no specific amount set for it. That mostly depends upon the wife’s way of living or her contribution in earning that property.

Celebrity Divorces

There are some famous and much talked about celebrity divorces that involved a large amount of alimony being demanded by wives.

  • Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne

3. Hrithik Roshan and Susssanne

The divorce between Hrithik and Sussane turned to be a great set back for Hrithik’s bank balance. It is commonly known that Sussanne demanded Rs. 400 crore as alimony from Hrithik after deciding the separation. That makes it one of the most expensive divorces of India.

  • Sunjay Dutt and Rhea Pillai

4. sanjay dutt and rhea pillai

Yet another expensive divorce from Bollywood, where Sanjay Dutt was compelled to give her ex-wife Rhea Pillai a huge amount of Rs 8 crore as alimony and also an expensive car.

  • Imran Khan and Reham Khan

5. Imran Khan and Reham Khan

Last but the mist astonishing one, the latest separation between Imran Khan and Reham Khan flooded the media. it is justifying since media reports say that Imran Khan is going to pay Rs 80 million to Reham Khan as her Haq Meher. That’s ofcourse a great amount one can expect out of a divorce!

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