How Much Loan Do Freemasons Give to Pakistan Each Year?

How Much Loan Do Freemasons Give to PakistanWhenever it comes to thinking of some of the biggest fund generating and loan providing agencies of the world, one of the most significant names that hit the mind is IMF (International Monetary Fund). IMF is the name behind the economic dependency of the world in general and the countries with a current status of being in an economic crisis In particular. It is working for promotion of high employment and sustainable economic growth, secure financial stability and eliminating poverty and the factors related to all these issues. It is headquartered in Washington DC, United States and comprises of 118 countries.

Pakistan and IMF

 IMF and Pakistan

Pakistan has been confronting the economic and financial issues since many years though its not presently in a state of financial crisis but a general scarce of paying its dues by almost every end of the month. Pakistan’s terms with IMF have a lend-and-borrow relation since Pakistan is always in a need to get loan urgently for clearing its dues.

How Much Loan IMF Gives To Pakistan?

3. imf chart

Pakistan has got its foreign debt to be of $47 million according to one of the reports on Tribune.

This figure has been appeared as a result of involvement of a great number of loan giving institutes to Pakistan. Once a country comes under the clutches of IMF loan, it is thought to be under its slavery for life. That’s the reason why IMF is sometimes considered as an evil element exploiting the terrible economic conditions of Pakistan thus making it paralyzed to come out of its trap.

According to a recent  report on Dawn ,  IMF has revealed the convenient ways to make the economy of Pakistan stable one and the progress in this sector to be within reach.

The IMF had launched the news of giving a loan of $6.6 million to Pakistan in 2013 in order to prevent the economic instability and facilitating the country to deal with the poverty and chaos created by this crisis.

According to Tribune’s report, IMF has disbursed more than $10 billion since 1984. As of 2015, IMF is expecting to grow the real GDP of the country by more than 4 percent during this and next fiscal year. The expected decline in fiscal deficit in 2015-16 is 4.3 pc of GDP.

Pakistan is now completely in hands of the foreign aid and IMF is just one significant name that makes Pakistan its routine customer. But IMF has also got some conditions to give loan to Pakistan that includes tax bases alterations, privatization, increase in revenues and deregulation.

IMF Meets Freemasons League

4. IMF meets Freemasons league 2

We all know the power of wealth takes people and situations to a completely different world. Here were talking about the new world order run by a league of some powerful names of the world given a name of freemasons. The question arises here is how its existence relates to the loan given to Pakistan by IMF. You would be amazed to know that current President of IMF Christine Lagarde is known as a famous member of masonic league of the world. The whole institute comes up with some big names related to this new world order and are felt evil to buy the countries they provide loan at the time of need. This is how the preachers of power and penny rule the world under a disguise of being a support for needy countries.

4. IMF meets Freemasons league

So that was a detailed look on a reality unknown. Did you know about it? If not, then please share about your views after coming across this news.

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