How To Manage Your Blog In Ramadan?

Manage your blogs in ramadan kareem with a scheduleThe Month of Ramadan holds special significance for the Muslims throughout the world. It’s the Month that is considered to be the Month of Blessings for Mankind; it was in This Month that the Holy Book of Muslims was completely revealed on the Last Prophet, Muhammad (pbuh). Fasting in this month is prescribed for all the Muslims but it has been seen that during their fast, many people either keep sleeping or change their normal routine, minimizing all the tasks that are a part of their daily life.

Understanding the layout of the entire Fast according to Muslim beliefs, it is for sure that managing a blog in Ramadan is not as simple as that is in other months. It’s obvious that when you have to refrain yourself from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk, you won’t be able to perform all your tasks as per normal schedules. As a blogger, it’s mandatory for you to take proper diet and must follow a time table so that other aspects of life aren’t left neglected.

Considering the tough lifestyle in this Month, here is a worth following schedule for our Muslim brothers so that they can manage their blog efficiently, without compromising their earnings for this Religious custom!

Greet Blog At Dawn!

The Muslims take their start up meal before the dawn breaks, which is called ‘Sehri’. Following the Sunnah (Example of Holy Prophet (Pbuh)), Muslims wake up early morning before the sun raises to intake the meal and starts their fast.

Most of the people sleep again, once done with their sehri, however, knowing that the later part of the would be more tiring, it’s always a good option to start other life activities, immediately after offering the Morning Prayers. What you can do as a blogger is, decide a topic by night on which you have to write a post the next day. Once you know where to start from, you can start writing your articles in between the time after religious obligations are done till you do not have to leave for your school, college or work place. This is a time when most of the members of the family as either sleeping or engaged in their own stuff, and you can enjoy complete peace, favorable enough to write a decent post. Moreover, as you have taken the meal recently, you are fresh enough to enjoy the work you are doing.

start working on your blog after sehri

There are possibilities that you might not be able to write a complete post in the time duration available before leaving for your job, however, when you are done with 70% of the post, the remaining 30% hardly frustrates you in the second half of your Fast.

Plan Your Afternoons

Now this is the most critical phase of the entire day. In respect to Ramadan, all the Muslim Countries reduce their working hours, giving an off to people by afternoon so that they can go home and rest. Assuming that your country follows the same tradition, you would be back to home by afternoon.

Now you have two options here, depending upon your will power, the climate of your country and the duration of fast, you can either sleep after offering your Afternoon Prayers, or you can complete the remaining 30% of the post, if was left incomplete. Plan your things in such way that you manage to both of these before an hour to dusk.

Finally-the Evening- Break Your Fast!

Your Family wants your physical and mental presence by Evening in this Month. Windup all your engagements at least an hour before the Fast breaking time and help your family members in planning the evening meal, that is, Iftari. If you are a girl, you need to assist your mom in kitchen, or as a boy you must help your mothers in getting the eatables from the market. This is what the Muslim Tradition is, therefore keeping that in mind, exclude this hour of your day from being professional.

do iftaari and start blogging

Now That you are done with your fast, offer your evening prayers and now reopen your machine to give the final touches to your post, which includes posting, scheduling, etc. Also its in this time, that you need to check your corresponding Fan pages, monitor your blog traffic, reply your followers, etc.

What next After Dinner?

Although people mostly skip dinner after the high intake of Iftari at evening, even if you feel like having a dinner, you may, after investing an hour or two in the blog work mentioned above. Now, its after dinner that most of the Muslim Men s go to Mosques to offer their Isha Prayers, along with Taraweeh. But that only takes not more than 2 hours as an estimate.

offer taraweeh and prayers

When you return home from the mosque, you have two more hours before going to sleep. Try to complete the tasks like getting the clothes ready for the next day, pile up your lectures and set your bag if you are a student, etc.

NOTE: Don’t forget to decide a topic for your blog’s next article!

Sleep By Midnight

Ramadan is a Month in which you learn to hold on your desires to please God. Once you are done with all compulsory works, you should go to bed immediately, so that you remain fresh and healthy enough to observe the next Fast.

Man sleeping

Try Following this schedule and you will see that not only your blog, but the other activities will work as normally as possible.

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