How to Impress your Boss and get a Promotion

impress your bossWith the new trend been set, professional colleges around the world are producing more than Billions of Fresh graduates every year, who then look for a reasonable earning! However, there are only 10% of them who are able to earn smart. It is true that initial stages are really tough ones for them but by applying few tips in the start of a career, things can change gradually.

All you need to remember is the fact that it is all about how effectively you get into the good books of your boss, because after all, your progress depends on him. Here are 4 simple tips that can help you out in getting a promotion in your career in no time.

1) Organizing yourself as an employee

Every field has its own requirement and it is extremely important for you to transform yourself into that, especially when you are looking to move ahead in that particular domain. Before giving your joining in your office, you must ask yourself whether you are ready for it or not. These are the two aspects you must think about further in detail.

Your appearance!

Ever heard of “the first impression is the last one”? It is all true. What is the first thing you notice about a person you don’t know and meet him for the first time? It is obviously his dressing sense, followed by the way he is carrying himself. It would not be appropriate if you would wear casual clothes in an office that expects you to be in formal wears. You got the job because you were capable, right? Then show that from every single thing about you.

2) Responsibility VS duty

As an employee of the company, you always have two ways to do or reject something. It is first important to understand the difference between a duty and responsibility. Duty is imposed, and responsibility is felt. You need to decide which methodology you are going to adopt to achieve success.

For example, imagine of a situation when you are late in leaving the office after it is off and saw a room’s light on. Now that you know that the office is empty and the lights would remain on for the entire remaining day, you have two options here. Either you can leave it as it is, saying that it is not your duty (which is true, closing lights is certainly not your duty) or you can take it as a responsibility and switch It off.

This feeling of responsibility that we discussed above never goes in vein. In fact, your boss is miser than you expect him to be. He is visualizing and sensing everything. Once you became honest with your job and started proving it too, a promotion is no far from your designation.

3) Expand your existence

If you are a boss or working as an employee, or have come across to an office environment, you would have noticed some employees who come early morning, greet all other staff members once and keep sitting at their desk, busy doing similar works every day. What do you expect then? What I have been experiencing throughout my life is, if you are out of sight, you will ultimately be out of mind.

To expect promotions, you should interact with other staff members, start learning from them; it is likely that when you would help them, they will also give you a good response. Change your static job into a dynamic one. Try to interact with the higher officials of your company. They will notice you anyway when you will start mingling with the team. This provides you an opportunity to get into the good books of your boss.

4) Be respectful with an attitude

Now this one is somehow way too typical. Point two often becomes contradictory when you are asked to give respect and maintain your attitude too. It is a dilemma that people often cross professional boundaries while mingling with co-workers, which often make them controversial. Therefore, it is suggested to be respectful towards your colleagues and your boss. At the same time, you should maintain your own attitude so that people do not treat you like a spare piece. Now that you would present yourself as balanced personality, your boss might take more interest in handing over you much big responsibilities.

remember this

Your boss is a man of knowledge and it is for sure that he would never stop you from promotion if he would sense that you have got the potential to work for the betterment of his company. There is so much to share on this topic that we will share some more points in the next post so that you get to know all the tips that works like magic to impress your boss. In the next part, we will share some bigger tips, but all for now,

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