How do people in France Make money only?

make money in franceThe money you earn for yourself by cashing your talent mainly depends on two factors, one being the demand of your talent in the international market and secondly, the location you are situated in. It is easy to understand with a simple example that you would be paid around $10 dollars for tutoring here in Pakistan, although the value of knowledge is significantly much larger in countries like America, Europe or Russia. The countries which enjoy their own languages officially somehow become a saturated market for the people who are not the native speakers, and France is one of those places.

If you are situated in France or planning to make a move, you need to first understand that making money through freelancing or establishing your personal small-scale business is not easy there!

However, when it comes to having a love to earn, nothing seems impossible too and here is a compiled list of small jobs that can bring you good revenue in euros.

1) Freelance for friends

It is a dilemma that once you declare yourself as an auto entrepreneur, your income is deduced up to 34% as government tax. If you do not hold its citizenship, what you can then do is to offer your services to your friends and friends of friends only by making it an open help in return of some euros. The smaller the platform, the longer are your earnings.

It is only a good idea for the students who go to France for their higher studies and want to earn their livings with some small jobs.

2) Cash English!

French is a language that enjoys a reputation in not only France, but across the globe. However, what is to be remembered is the fact that English is still leading the world and if you have this linguistic power, you can cash it anywhere, anytime. Although the primary emphasis of French is towards their national language, people there still have a soft corner towards English.

cash english in france

What you can do is, you can actually tutor the children and even the high school students in your free times and earn up to €20/hour for your talent. So you see, the returns can be great depending on the quality you can provide!

3) Be a Guide!

tourist guide

France can be a difficult place for people who desire to spend their vocations there. So, the idea is why not to help them? If you are living in France for a year or so, there are all chances that you would have visited all the beautiful and historical places. Good enough learn to cash everything that you ever came across. There are people who understand a little bit English but not a single word in French, they need your help in making their expensive trip worth enjoying. Avail the offer. Show them places, lead their destinations and charge them accordingly!

4) Use Craigslist classified-France!

The solution to the problems of every unemployed/money loving person, no matter which country he is located in, is Craigslist. It is a site that can be considered as a consolidated register of all the available opportunities in your location. The site targets a good deal of opportunities belonging to different niches of France as well.

craiglist in france

There are thousands of people who are now earning pretty well with their first step been this only platform.

5) Turn your Camera into a Cash tool!

take photographs in france

It is most likely that you would have brought a camera with you while coming to France from your home country or if you are a local citizen, you can always a buy a good camera in return of few euros, after all cameras are pretty cheap in France. Once done with the collection of raw material, all you need to join few sites that pay you for the photographs you capture. These sites often place an order for the desired pictures and you just have to take the clicks, edit them a little and send the sites your work. The sites pay quite well and one must try them for once at least.

Although there were plenty of other ways that you would also find on different sites, the soul reason of not including such tips was the fact that they are impractical, like babysitting, collecting garbage, cleaning cars and all. Majority of the people would hardly do something of this sort.

Therefore the above stated 5 ways are decent enough to give a try,

Best Wishes

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