The Secrets on How Facebook Makes Money!

how facebook makes moneyAccording to the latest survey been conducted about Facebook, it has been found that around 46% of the Facebook users are unaware of how Facebook actually makes money. It to be understood that nothing comes free of cost, something too sweet is never a reality and similarly, though Facebook doesn’t charge its common users like you and me for signing up or sharing images and videos, there is a lot behind the scene that has made Facebook the 2nd most viewed website and Mark Zuckerberg as the most richest man in 2013.

How Facebook Makes Money then?

A good question! Isn’t it? Out of 54% of people who have a slight idea about the strategy been followed by the Facebook team, it has been concluded that even they have some abstract views about it. No doubts about it, Facebook has a great deal of mechanisms to make money.


As been leaked out by the Facebook team, the biggest contributor in the earning is their advertisement policy. The Advertisements that you see in your news feed is what Facebook is paid for. These days when Facebook is becoming a must to include part in life, Advertisers know where to pay rightly. Facebook charges these marketers pretty well for showing up their advertisements in the news feed. Even the marketers found themselves at peace where they get maximum response by spending few dollars as a marketing policy.


facebook and farmville

Ever thought about the affiliation of Angry birds with Facebook? You got it right, money is involved here too. If you are a programmer and can come up with a game just like Farmville or Angry birds, you can pay Facebook for that and enjoy a huge audience for your product in return.

Search Engines

Facebook makes money

It is always feasible to shake hands with your rivals if you can’t beat them, the statement seems true in case of Google and Facebook. Though Google is self Sufficient with a social network of its own, that is, Google +, it cannot neglect the fact the beating Facebook in the race at least now, is out of question. Try searching your Facebook Friend on Google, The search engine will redirect you to his Facebook page. According to the reveals, it is about 33% of Google’s pay to Facebook for selling the personal data(which is allowed by the user).

There are more ways that Facebook is generating money but the largest contributors are mentioned above, We hope that now all the Smart Earning Methods readers know how Facebook Makes Money.

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