How a Pakistani Can Get a Verified Twitter Account?

Get a Twitter Verified AccountThe power and impact of social media has captured the lives of human race to a very large extent. It somehow rules the activities, decisions and even minds and souls of a human being. The spree of being a social media enthusiast has grown immeasurably and the best and most renowned platforms it offers include Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. Among high officials or celebrities, twitter has been the most favorite medium to be connected with the world.

Coming to think of verification of any social media account in Pakistan, there comes a number of issues with most of the websites. But its not that difficult with twitter.

Conditions for verified twitter account

Its not like every other user can easily get a twitter account by simply requesting twitter. But the real situation is completely different. The verified accounts must belong to some specific categories. Like celebrities, musicians, actors, players, political leaders, brands, organizations, journalists, fashion analysts and business advertising agencies are the categories that allow its people to get a verified account affiliated with their web pages.

Why its important to get verified account?

How to get a Twitter verified account 2

Verification of account means to have an authentic control on your web page. this is how you can distinguish between the original verified account that shows a white check , and other parody or fake accounts running by someone else using your name.

Also, you can get your fans and followers being in touch with you and your recent activities and continue with their fan following. You can always make your account a source of generating income for you by endorsing brands and sharing their stuff on your pages.

Simple steps to get a verified twitter account in Pakistan

  • First and the most important step is to know whether you are eligible for getting one or not. For this, you must belong to at least any one of the categories mentioned above and your name must be recognizable by many a persons.
  • You must have a website of your own which in case of big names is not a difficult or uphill task.
  • You are now supposed to embed a “follow” button of twitter on your web page which can directly verify your account and gets people connected to your twitter account through your official web page.
  • Apply for getting a verified account by giving simple facts and information of yours and submitting it to twitter. Now wait for a response from twitter.
  • Twitter after its own satisfactory verification, send you a direct message to make you follow final verification steps.
  • Keep calm! You have now got the white tick mark with your name on your twitter account.

In case it is yet not clear, please go through the video below.


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