Top 10 Highest Paid Basketball Players in 2012

rich basketball playersNo matter which country or state you belong to, it is most likely that there is one thing that keep the entire world bind, and that is undoubtedly the Love for Basketball. It might turn out to be a wonder for you to know that your favorite players are not only earning, love, fame and medals, but also a great deal of earnings from their talent and love for Basketball. We have been sharing all about sports and your favorite players of different sports, and now we present top 10 Highest paid Basketball players . Have a look!

10. Tim Duncan

Net Worth: $19.1 million
Salary: $17.1 million
Endorsements: $2 million


A 36 year old American basketball with an experience of 15 years of playing, is currently plays, and only member to be selected to both All-NBA and all-Defensive Teams, for San Antonio Spurs of National Basketball Association (NBA), and he is 13 times NBA All- Star.

He started his career as a swimmer but lost the enthusiasm in 1989 when hurricane huge destroyed his land and he was afraid of sharks he then started playing basket ball at ninth grade to help him relieve his pain and frustration, and won Naismith College player of the year, USBWA College Player of the year and John Wooden awards in his final year of schooling in Wake Forest University Demon Deacon.

He was a talented, smart and active student but not athletically talented but he was a quick learner, despite scholarships offered by other universities he decided to step in Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

9. Chris Paul

Net Worth: $19.2 million
Salary: $13.2 million
Endorsements: $6 million


He is 27 year old American professional basketball player, plays for Los Angles Clippers and has also achieved success in sport of Bowling. He has been an NBA Rookie of the year 2006,5 times All-Star, All-NBA and All-Defensive team honoree. He also won 2 gold medals with the US national basketball team.

Rather than playing he also sponsored United State Bowling Congress and also participated as the head of CP3 Foundation, in various celebrity and youth bowling events and not only give away charities in Winston-Salem but also work at Jones Chevron, a service station owned by their grandfather, who he describe as his best friend.

8. Kevin Garnett

Net Worth: $21.1 million
Salary: $17.1 million
Endorsements: $4 million


36 year old KG, also known as “ Big Ticket”, “The Kid” and “The Franchise, is one of the greatest intense forward player in history of NBA and currently plays for Boston Celtics of NBA as a powerful forward and center, in 1995 he won the National player of the year and there he became first the 1995 NBA player Drafted directly out of high school when he was drafted with 5th pick of the NBA Draft by struggling Minnesota Timberwolves, in 20 years. He was not fond of basket ball too much until his hig school where later he was honored as one of the 35 greatest McDonald’s All American.

7. Amar’e Stoudemire

Net Worth: $22.7 million
Salary: $14.7 million
Endorsements: $8 million


29 year old American, and Mr basketball of Florida, who actually suffered from chronic knee problems and has gone through micro fracture surgery on his knees won the 2003 NBA Rookia of the Year Award, is now currently a powerful forward and center basketball player who plays for New York Knicks of NBA. He is been playing basket ball since high school and was declared as prep-to-pro player for the NBA draft. He also won a Bronze medal with the US men’s national basketball team.

Apart from playing basketball he experts in football and started his own business on clothing which he described as “courtside apparel for the fashion-forward female”.

6. Carmelo Anthony

Net Worth: $22.9 million
Salary: $14.9 million
Endorsements: $8 million


28 years old most well known and popular, American casually called as Melo, professional basket ball player, premier clutch performer, who currently plays for New York Knicks in the NBA, he is called as most valuable player of NCCA East Regional .He earned the tournament’s most outstanding player award and won a bronze medal at 2004 Olympics and gold medal at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics . He once broke the record of hitting most points in a single game where he basket 37 points against Nigeria and broke the record of US Olympic team.

5. Dwyane Wade

Net Worth: $24.7 million
Salary: $12.7 million
Endorsements: $12 million


30 year old devoted American Christian, with a net worth of $ 65 million, professional well known basketball player, known as Flash or D-Wade, plays for Miami Heat, and lead to the first NBA championship in history. In 2006 sports Illustrated awarded him the title of sports man of the year and it was because of him that Miami won the second championship by dealing Oklahoma City Thunder in NBA Finals. In 2007 he dislocate his shoulder and missed a total of 31 games during his recovery period still he was the first guard to earn all NBA honors. He also has endorsement deals with companies such as Lincoln, T-Mobile, Sean John and Gatorade.

Besides playing he owns line of shoes with the name “The Wade” which later change into Nicke’s Jordan Brand, and series of sidekick phones D-Wade edition with T-Mobile

He also founded Wade’s World Foundation that supports and sponsor education, health and social skills for children at risk. He is also donated and save the Robbins, public library, from having to shut.

4. Kevin Durant

Net Worth: $25.5 million
Salary: $12.5 million
Endorsements: $13 million


23 year old young American basketball player who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder of NBA.A 3rd time NBA scoring champion. He is also a member or US national team and won gold in 2012 World Champion ship and London Olympics. From 2006-2007 he was the Big 12 Player of the year. In 2007 he signed an endorsement contract with Nike. He joined the NBA in 2007 and 2008 he broke the Supersonics; 40-year-old rookie record set by bob rule by setting up 20.3 points per game season, and so was awarded NBA Rookie of the year Award in 2008.

3. Dwight Howard

Net Worth: $25.6 million
Salary: $14.6 million
Endorsements: $11 million


An American professional basketball player, gets his hands on the ball at the age of nine, and now is one of the best leading in field goal percentage, rebounds and blocks, 26 years old, plays for Los Angles Lakers of NBA, he play as a center and forward player. He joined NBA with a mind of raising the name of God within the league and throughout the world. He is highly down to earth when it comes to charity and that is why he was one of the 10 finalists for the Jefferson Award for Public service. He was the first one and the youngest to lead the league in rebounding and blocks consecutive 5 seasons . In 2004 he established Dwight D. Howard Foundation and provide scholarships and held summer basketball games for girls and boys.

2. Kobe Bryant

Net Worth: $52.3 million
Salary: $20.3 million
Endorsements: $32 million


A philanthropist, Kobe, a child used to call himself and is actually well know as “Black Mamba”, staterd playing since 3 years old and dreaming to be one of the Lakers and he is now living the dream, he is famous as high flyer,, plays for Los Angeles Lakers of NBA. He was always being best since in high school where he was recognized as top high school basketball player in the country. In 2009,he was named as top NBA player of 2000 (decade) and has also won gold medals in 2008 and 2012 summer Olympics. He moved to US if he would have stayed in Italy he would tried to vecom professional soccer player.

He signed an endorsement contract with Adidas, and his first signature shoes was the Equipment KB 8, his other endorsements include Ferrero SpA’s bran Nutella, Coca Cola company to promote sprite.

1. LeBron James

Net Worth : $53 million
Salary: $13 million
Endorsements: $40 million ( Nike, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, State Farm and others)


27 year old basketball player, also know as King James, and ranked as one of the America’s most dislike and influential athletes, listed topped in the list of highly paid player, plays for Miami Heat of NBA. He is and NBA champion and NBA rookie of the year. In 2010 he left the Cavaliers, where he was all time leading scorer, for the Heats. Most of his wealth accumulated because of his endorsement contracts with Nike, Upper Deck, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ brands. He holds a passion for entertainment industry, appearing as host or getting his hands in acting as well.

As a philanthropist he supports ONEXONE and children Defends Fund, he also established a charity foundation called as Lebron james Family Foundation that raise money for various causes.

Who says playing cannot get you wealth, out of the list many of them were good in studies and was ok in gaming but still they proved, a hard work and a devoted nature can take your hands off to anything.


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