9 Most Happening Twitter Moves in 2012

twitter happenings in 2012Twitter was certainly not what it is now last year. 2012 has turned really great specially for the online media and Twitter has been able to produce some interesting stories this year. The year is about to reach its end, opening doors for 2013 which would start with new stories, new controversies and new hits. To pay a farewell to our first year with our readers, here are 9 best stories of Twitter that attracted the twitter users significantly.

1-James Cameron deep sea tweeters

How about twitting in the deep sea ocean and that too when you having network signals is next to impossible. James Cameron always loves to do impossible stuff and that is the reason on 26th march 2012 he twitted under the deepest bed of sea at about 35,755 feet below the surface. Busy in writing avatar 2 and 3 one cannot miss his upcoming actions while following him on twitter. Currently there are 419,473 followers of him on twitter.

2-Profile Header Image

A picture has thousand words in itself and that’s what twitter have come up with. Story of your life is the theme of header image. Now it will take just a glance for the consumer to better understand the profile pages and gives liberty to consumer to showcase their brand prominently in order to grab attention of profile page visitors.

3-Bombshell on 6th birthday

How would you feel when your parents wish you on your birthday when they have never wished you before? What could turn an extraordinary day into further exceptionally terrific and significant? Could it be cake, balloons, party or friends but aren’t we celebrating with them every year? What makes twitter’s 6th birthday unforgettable and a milestone in twitter’s history was a wish, a compliment, acknowledgment and a very first tweet to Twitter by his father, Jack Dorsey, who tweeted first ever time six years ago.

4-Spoon feeding tailored suggestions

What could be better than some sincere and honest advices to amateurs or new bees on twitter? This time twitter have thought out of the box and have done everything to make sure people get connected to the things they care about whether it could be friends, businesses, celebrities, news and information from all over the world. Suggestions are based upon search history of the consumers as well suggestions are given to who to follow on twitter.

5-White House race on Twitter

A milestone was achieved along with the success of Barack Obama getting reelected for 2nd tenure of presidency. President Obama celebrating tweet message “Four more years” along with a photo of him hugging the first lady, Michelle Obama spread like a fire in a jungle with more than 817,000 retweets and 300,000 favorites breaking Justin Bieber record of 2000,000.

6-Twitter getting religious

Religion speaks everywhere and twitter is no exception. With the joining of pope on twitter it is proved that twitter have made its way into the heart of every single soul of living being. He isn’t following anyone else, and even before he sent a single tweet he had amassed more than 650,000 followers and currently possesses more than 1.2million follower. Last but not least his preaching is not just limited to English language but also in seven different languages.

7-Twitter Photo Phenomenon

With the new terms introduced by instagram it has been blocked for further usage on twitter. Instagram has only provoked backlash attitude from the world of celebrities and common people by remodeling the terms which is to give Instagram ownership rights over users photos and stars reacted by saying they were going to quit the app – and urged their fans to do the same. Thus considering the betterment of the consumer twitter has joined hands with aviary to present its own unique photo application for the present consumers.

8-Newborn Hashtag

Baby’s names are dubbed by the interest of their parents. Imagine there was a time babies were named after name of celebrities, the place they were born or even the village’s name. however the history was amended on twitter when a baby was named Hashtag Jameson by her parents which was not just something different to name a baby it also created a hype on twitter too even though it was published on Facebook.

9-Fiction Time

The Twitter Fiction Festival is the first ever creative venture officially presented by any social networking site. Generally twitter is known as a place to chat, eavesdrop on celebrities or share news and information. However this time creativity was honored all around the globe by twitter family. It was held at the end of November with a span of five days. And some masterpieces were being seen out of fiction created all by an ordinary man.

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