Guinness Certified Tallest Woman of the World Dies at the Age of 39!

yao defenThere is no doubt that God Creates all species special in their own rights but the ones who are born with visible differences are recognized, become popular and then pay for the popularity. The benchmark of the tallest height in the world, the Woman from China, Yao Defen is no more among us and the news of her death that is out few hours back has left the entire world with grief.

The News

According to the report that was been collected by the Guinness World Records in 2010, Yao Defen was declared to be the tallest woman of the world for her height, that is, 7 feet, 7 inches. Defen was living in the eastern province of Anhui, China. It sounds absurd but true that Defen died on November 13, yet no news about her decease was revealed before yesterday.

yao defen

All that has been revealed by the government officials of china, Mr. Liu confirmed her death on Wednesday 05, 2012. The news immediately turned into breaking news and all what the reporters could find was the cause of her death which is said to be her gigantism. She had a tumor on her pituitary gland that disrupted her levels of growing hormone, taking her life at the age of 39.

yao defen death

Yao Defen- The Tallest- The Legend!

People go, leaving memories behind. Yao Defen, although known worldwide for her exceptional height was certainly not happy with the popularity her height brought with it. It was now that I actually explored much about her and found that she hated her life because her height made her an exception. While giving an interview to a local Chinese show, she once said from her bed:

. “I am very unhappy. Why am I this tall?” she said from her bed. “If I were not this tall, others would not look at me like this.”

yao defeen

Now that she is no more in between us, newspapers and media has started talking about her. Yao loved to play basket ball and even at the age of 15, she was as tall as 6 feet, 7 inches. Initially, being tallest was exciting, making her special but the world is cruel, especially for those who are little different. With time, she started being depressed about her unusual growth and finally left the world.

No matter how many tallest celebrities come in future, Defen would definitely be remembered.