Google Plus made its Cover Photo Bigger- Set Your BIG Cover now!

big cover photoIf you are a social media lover and own a Google Plus account, you must know by now what a great change Google has just introduced. Since the day Google plus came into limelight, it seems like all its aim is to overtake the popularity and followership owned by the largest social networking site Facebook. Having somewhat the similar ideologies as Facebook, the stated social media is coming with something or other to attract the attention of the viewers, first it was the introduction of cover photos, and today, it is the change in size of these covers.

Google Plus has changed the layout of your G+ profiles, allowing you to give your page a new look with a new cover-a large one indeed. The change has taken place a few hours ago and still waiting for its users to adopt it.

What makes this Size Change SPECIAL?

It has been analyzed by the general statistics that most of the Google Plus users use this social networking site either for their business promotions or for fun reasons, communicating with friends casually.

With this new option of resizing the cover photo layout, the advertisers can now publicize much more stuff about their products, with a clear and proper visibility.

If you are a creative person and feels like sharing your snaps, your creativities and things like that with your friends and people you want to know you, you can now utilize almost an entire screen for that.

Specifications of the New Layout!

1)The images look better with this new layout as they are big enough to attract eyes towards them.

2) The display picture or the icon you use for your Google plus shares has also been changed slightly.

The icons are circular now.

3) The icon is now laid over the background directly.

4)The new layout offers an increase in height up to 3x as compared to the previous one.

How to Make your G+ Cover Photos Big? Quick Tutorial!

Here are  the quick steps to change your old layout to the new one, Have a look:

1) Go to your Google plus Profile.

2) You will be notified about the new layout, Click on” Update your cover” to pursue.

google cover photo

3) A pop-up will appear, warning you that once updated, the action cannot be reversed. Click ‘ok

cover photo

Note: Explore the profiles that have big cover photos set before you update your layout, in case the new layout doesn’t appeals you, you have no option to return to the previous one.

4) A select screen will appear. Select your new cover photo from the default images or you can upload your own customized images that are stored on your PC. After selecting, Click on “Save”.

cover photo google

5) Crop your Photo and Click on “Save” again.

select cover phoyto

6) You are done! Enjoy a new Google Plus Cover Photo Layout!

big cover photo

This change is gradually attracting the users towards it but the accurate response over the news is still unknown. Let us see how this new layout changes things for Google Plus users.

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