Google Chrome Becomes World’s Most Widely Used Browser

google-chromeAlthough Microsoft’s tough efforts to promote its Windows Internet Explorer just like its other products, Internet Explorer has always been in controversy for having mixed reactions of its users. Internet explorer has been seriously suffering due to the market competition its getting first from Opera, Mozilla Firefox And now Google Chrome.

We all are using or have somehow used Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that uses the Web Kit layout engine and application framework. It was first released as a beta version for Microsoft Windows on September 2nd, 2008. Within no time, Chrome became the third most widely used browser, with 7.98% of world wide usage share of web browsers, still having a huge competition with Internet Explorer and Firefox initially.

History of The Journey

Since Google Chrome appeared in market, the biggest competition it gave was to the Internet Explorer which was enjoying the honor of explorer that the operating system provided. It’s not the first time that Chrome has surpassed the stats, in fact, it was a year ago when Internet Explorer was leading the Web browser market share by having 43 percent, followed by Mozilla Firefox with 29 percent, and Chrome was third with 19 percent as stated above. After a period of a year to it, Internet Explorer came down to 12 percent of the browser market share while Chrome gained 13 percent to the loss of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google Chrome beats all other explorers

The Latest Reveal

According to the Latest News Updates and the latest change that has taken place in the statistical graph Google’s Chrome has now became the most popular Web browser all over the world surpassing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the first time for so long, that is for the entire week. There have been ups and downs in these two browser rankings but they were never for such a long time. As stated by StatCounter, Chrome is now leading with 32.76 % of the total share whereas Internet explorer is down with 31.94 %. Its important to quote here that the results might differ on the basis of locations and the number of Page rank of the sites that share the statistical data. However when it coms to Statcounter, its one of the most reliable sites having a page rank of around 15 Billion page views across the world.

google chrome statistics

As can be seen in the graph, the Google Chrome  has managed to set a trend up with consistency as compared to the Internet explorer’s trend going down.

Trend Expected in Future

It can be shocking for people like me, who are more at ease with Firefox and Chrome as compared to Internet Explorer that , internet explorer still has got a huge number of supporters in special regions,like  North America, where as Google has taken a considerable market in  India as well as in the south of America. Most prominent reason for Internet Explorer’s popularity is the fact that it’s a product of Microsoft, the only user friendly operating system ever launched by now. A turn over in the war of Explorers may be expected in coming days with the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, which will contain all the missing ingredients that are at present a part of other Internet explorer’s competitors.

Ingredients as Bonus!

Too much of Chrome and Internet explorer Confusion? Here has I planned an overview to make the difference in between these two web browser clear. For a Person, who have got less knowledge about such stuff and treats all the web browsers the same way, breaking news like this might sound un important. Here are some relevant reasons why Google Chrome has turned into the top rated web Browser, defeating Internet Explorer.

Reasons for Chrome Success:

Chrome has enjoyed most of the benefits for the reliability it offers. Chrome’s is built with a multi process architecture that protects the bad Web page from taking down the whole browser.

Chrome is Faster in loading as well as makes your surfing quicker too.

If you have used Chrome, (which is obvious), then one thing you all will agree at would be its simpler design that keeps the screen outlook neat.

Chrome provides  an “Incognito” mode just like the private browsing in Firefox. it completely sweeps off all the tracks of what site you were visiting.

Google believes in perfectionism, and for that  it has offered a deal of finding errors in Google Chrome and make money

What let Internet Explorer Down?

The worst part of Internet Explorer is it’s speed as well as the fact that it hangs a lot while using it. Moreover Internet explorer consumes a large amount of memory as compared to it competitors .

Although now Windows Internet explorer has included the separate tab processes, but has failed completely in improving the switching action between the tabs, further making browsing difficult.

This was all for now, Google Chrome has proved itself that it has got all the potentials to take over the market by simply sweeping off all its competitors. At the same time. we should now under estimate the power of Internet Explorer. After all. it has been reigning the high tech world for a significant long time. Lets see what turn do the statistics take. All for Now,

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