Google Calendar: Schedule your Family Plans!

schedule your plans with Google CalendarWith busy lives and hectic schedules, all your family members need a calendar of their own to keep the things going on. However, Your mothers or wives would highly disapprove the idea of hanging individual calendars on home walls for every member of the family. Now, what you have to do in this case, is to simply get benefitted with the magnificent reveal of Google Calendar where you can enjoy scheduling your life online, allowing you to manage multiple schedules at the same time.

The Google Calendar is easy to handle and better than your mobile phone’s scheduler in every way.

Getting Started with Google Calendar!

Google’s all applications are self-obsessed, which is somehow justified too. To use your new calendar, you need to have a Google account at first place. If you are already a Google account user, sign in to your account or click on Calendar to access your Family scheduler.


Click on the calendar option on your menu bar of your Google Homepage

 click on calender

Using Google Calendar

Clicking on Calendar will open a new tab which will show you a default view of your calendar. You can switch to week, month or year view. You can also switch to a particular day directly by selecting it from the small calendar that is visible to you at your extreme left.

welcome to google calendar

Add an Event

This is similar to the feature of your Mobile phone. Don’t forget you are using your Google Calendar on standard mode at the moment. Click on the date and its corresponding time to add an event to your calendar. The clicking action will show you a popup windows where you’d be ask about location, description, etc.

add events to your google calendar


Click on the Create button, displayed on the top left side above the small calendar and fill in the details.

create an event on calendar

Let Your Family Know your Schedules

Just below the small calendar at your left, you can see an option of “My Calendars”. Just in front of this option, there is a small black arrow. Clicking on this arrow will show you an option of “create a new calendar”, click on it and fill in the information to schedule it.

share your scedules with family

Now that you have provided the calendar your information to schedule it, it is time now to decide with whom to share your schedule. You can share your calendar with either public or with specific friends and family. Most people, however feels uncomfortable in letting the world know about their whereabouts and therefore are more at peace with sharing their calendar with people they know and want them to know about them too. As per your decision and will, click on “Share with Public” or “Share with Specific people”, (we advise you this). The email addresses of your specific friends will be required to enter to send them notifications about your schedule.

Now that you are done with all the formalities needed, click on “Create Calendar”, this will take you back to your Google Calendar where you can see your scheduled sticky note.

Same Calendar- All Members!

Repeat the same process of creating new calendars for every family member and keep a track of your loved ones all the time.

This was a quick introduction of Google Calendar. It would not be wrong to keep our hopes high and wait for some much better added features in this Calendar in coming months. Till then utilize this Calendar and say bye to paper hanging calendars, give your walls a clean look!

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