Google AdSense Evil Effects Revealed–see The Other Side – 2012

google adverse effectsIn few recent years we have seen a huge trend of making money online and people enjoying this money making business by simply adding Advertisements on their blogs and websites and generating a considerable amount of money for every click on these Ads. There is no doubt that even the Professional bloggers have a great urge for these advertisements that the Google AdSense offers. It’s my firm believe that every good thing brings its adverse affect along, and this implies here too.

We will discuss something very strange, yet true about the Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is the most famous advertising platform on the internet that offers the blogs and sites a “pay-per-click” ad program. A single click on the advertisements that you place on your web page can earn you from cents to a few dollars depending on your niche. It’s a desire of every blogger to come in good lists of Google to generate a great deal of amount with Google AdSense.

AdSense – the Other Side!

pay-per-click-It’s so true that the charm of money is infinite. But a wise approach is to judge things before falling for such traps that you will find on every step in the e-business. I am not against of Google Ads program obviously, but it’s time to play it safe. People don’t realize what they are losing just for some dollars and it’s important that when you are here to o business, see the other side also.

Here are some evil affects that Google AdSense brings along for you, decreasing your potential earnings drastically.

You devalue your own Product/ Service –how strange is that!

You start your e-business by building a website with a specific niche, you work hard, day and night to maintain your site by publishing quality content, using great techniques to drive traffic to your blog/websites and once you achieve a certain level to enhance your incomes and popularity, Mr. AdSense appears in to the story. When you start to monetize your site with various types of adverts, you are also lessening the values of your own business brand. You are actually passing your brand to every ad you insert on each pages of your site. This means that your readers and followers who are visiting your site, you are actually directing them to go to some other URL, who has given you some cents to do so.. Instead of promoting your own brand/ product/ website, you are promoting other brands. This is an unprofessional way of making money online. Those who run behind this strategy always stay on level 1 in online money making. You are doing a business and the only thing you need to concentrate is to highlight your brand, but having a lot of advertisements on your page, you are diminishing your existence.

You are Too generous to your Competitor!

AdSense is smart enough to offer relevant Ads that match to your niche. This allows your competitors, having the same niche as yours to reach to your webpage via AdSense and actually driving your clients to their brands. Imagine the loss!

Each Click – some Money – Higher Bounce Rate!

bounce rateIt’s a pity that large number of bloggers has not figured it out what they are losing. You see when your reader clicks on AdSense ads opens on the same window, not in another browser tab. Although user can always come back to your page with back button, but chances are only 5%!

Every click will also bring you a higher bounce rate for your web business as every click takes away your reader. Something that I have experienced many times is that some Ads might confuse your readers because of their looks and if you place them wrongly, then nothing is left more, you will land up with a drastic decrease in your traffic and page views.

AdSense a Blessing or a Menace?

Although AdSense has proven itself as one of the best platforms that serves almost all good websites but still its undesirable effects are not less enough to be neglected.

Think about it friends,


7 thoughts on “Google AdSense Evil Effects Revealed–see The Other Side – 2012”

  1. But the thing is that Adsense is the only Platform which has Advertisers for every country.

    Just take my example. I m running a Fan Club on an Indian Celebrity and my most of the traffic comes from India. No other Platforms have Indian advertisers but Adsense have.

    This is the only thing which Keeps Adsense at the top or you can say in Desi Style that Adsense is The BAAP of all :p

      • Hi,
        Because of some extra clicks on ads or some other reasons my google adsense account was blocked. i given my full name, date of birth. is there any chance to create new adsense account with my name! plz help me…is there any chance

  2. I’ve used adsense … but now a days i don’t have adsense acount because my blog is new and i don’t want to apply too early and get rejected … at the time i was using adsense i don’t think it had effect me .. but your points are good …

    • oOO!! C’mon yahya…what…u hvaent adsense account…?..i check your yahya’s shownig ads…and yes but in your teentainment ..i saw no ads..i also saw no images..because it was showing some error..check it…

  3. If you think in terms of competition, then yes every advertising company should give a try to promote their products/services through internet. And Google is the best option available, although some people say that Google Adsense and Adwords is fraud and gets huge invalid clicks.

    I’m using Adsense account since one year and I’ve noticed that most of the clicks of my website gets are useless, senseless and invalid. But the ads serving are good. It depends on what type of ad and what region the advertisers are targeting.

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