Google Adsense Text Ads will now include clickable Arrow icons!

clickable arrow iconssMoney is equally beautiful whether it comes through Image or Text ads that bring revenue to you through the pay-per-click policy. It is becoming evident that Google Adsense is becoming really merciful to the sites with less readership and working text ads and their looks. Although text ads often go unnoticed by the readers, they still contribute fairly in generating revenue, especially for the average rated sites, ask them their worth. Google Adsense Team has announced few hours back that it had been working on text ads to make them better and effective and finally has come up with clickable Arrow icons on text Ads.

What Makes Arrow Icons Special?

As a reader, you might have often ignored the text ads that are generally placed at the start, in between or at the end of the post. What happens with few of the readers is they often read the ads considering them as a part of content and soon start hating them after realizing the reality. There was a serious need of enhancing the format of the text ads and Google is smart enough to notice that. Introducing a new format of text ads, now the ads would be more identifiable, attractive and profitable. The text ads are now more consistent merely because the advertisers and consumers, both can use screens interchangeably, fading out the distinction between the devices too. Have a look!

clickable arrow icons

The Change!

With this new format you will see a clickable arrow icon with a newly optimized font size, text layout and spacing. Up till now this step can be considered as the biggest effort been made for the enhancement of text ads. The change will be automatically updated to almost all of the text ads available on sites. An interesting thing to notice here is the color of these arrows depends on the color palette that has been chosen for the sites background, making it more adjustable on the site. By now the advertisers are finding this change productive enough to appreciate it, while the bloggers are happy to have colors and a new style of text ads that have replaced the boring, dry old format.

Google seems to take a keen interest in enhancing its business scale by taking such constructive actions and making Adsense attractive enough to be chosen as an online medium to generate money. Share Your views about it.

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