One Golden Tweet to Receive $20,000 in Student Debt Relief

facebook debt free programThis is the day we all been waiting for, yes finally Graduation is here, but still you are not feeling freedom, though you passed your every module and finally no more books but now you must be definitely thinking ways to organize a cheap party, because you are already drown in the debt and you cannot afford to spend extra. This is a common issue that starts to heat up and is giving you hypertension and heart attacks, once you done with your graduation, and then when it comes to pay bills you say, “I wish I would have use cash rather than credit”. You would be delighted to know that you can now start dreaming for a debt free life.

Facebook’s debt Free Program!

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You will be finding many tips about planning your debt free future, but here is simple magic solution to debt relief, devil is in the detail as debt deal campaign intensifies, “Down with Debt”. It is a Facebook campaign been launched by MassMutual this Monday, who is trying to fight growing debt trend among high school students, as according to project on Student Debt, around 66% of graduating students now take loans, which is becoming the major cause of students getting out of shape because of never ending loan.

What’s new about “Down with Debt”?

The answer is very simple, sign up at Facebook, like the campaign and just writes 140 characters (tweet length) over a topic “How they plan to reduce their debt” and the lucky one who wrote best solution ever proposed, or a splendid tweet ever crafted will be given $20,000 to kill his debt.

Motive Behind the Idea

The campaign only tends to help people to learn about definite and smart ways to win their loan and take intelligent steps towards their debt free future. Though you all deserve but there will be only one in lucky who could dodge the roller costar of hardships and monthly savings and enjoy the fortune.

Why Facebook?

Nowadays college loan debt are passing more than auto and home loans, with more $1 trillion owed by graduates according to U.S. Department of Education and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, thereby they are proposing tips to teach America’s youth about taking smart ways to relieve some of loan burden. The reason of using Facebook is, the majority of students are interconnected with Facebook as it is one of the biggest social networking sites, so by this way the campaign will get enough popularity.

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We all dream for a fresh start, a beginning with no debt and loans so take smart moves, learn to use cash you can also refer other articles written in my blog if you are looking for tips to stay debt free in college or have a debt free life. After reading them you may find them helpful. Enjoy your first step towards freedom, happy graduation.

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