Gogobot Tips: Facebook Travel App Goes Viral!

gogobot goes viralOnce more, it’s Facebook that has made it possible again to be in the limelight for its Social Travel App, Gogobot. It seems like Facebook is targeting all the important and profit potential markets intelligently, making them worthy to use and further enjoying a good revenue been generated by such applications. Targeting Apps of almost every niche, Facebook is becoming gigantic each day. Whether its Skype or messenger, whether a restaurant or an online shopping market, Facebook is contributing on large scale to make things work for the capable sites, here Gogobot. Before going on, let me first tell what Gogobot is all about to my readers who are not familiar with it.

Coming in to existence in early 2010, it is a social travel site that enables its users to share their vacations and travelling stories with friends and even with people they don’t know. There are procedures of giving recommendations to people who are looking for some help and feedback about different places to make them their destinations. It works more like a forum where people can aid each other based on personal experiences. People often create their passport listings so that others can know about the experiences the person has about different places as he went there.

passports at gogobot

Initially the site was only restricted to the travelling aid niche, talking and featuring forums and talks about places, experiences and assistances, but gradually with stable progresses, it has added numerous new features, including Facebook and Twitter integration, further increasing its scope in the social media. According to the latest reveals, Gogobot has raised around $19 million and its investors are basically from major business enterprise resource companies like Innovation Endeavors, Redpoint Ventures and Battery Ventures.

gogobot on facebook and twitter

Last October turned out to be a grateful one for Gogobot as with the launch of it iPhone applications plan, the growth rate of this site has grown dramatically. iPhone being able to conquer any market for the sites that talks about it, doubled the profits for the site and the number of users increased. People started to stay active on the site and the number of photos being uploaded and the number of posts and queries increased at the same time.Recently Gogobot also introduced the latest versions of all the applications for iPhone and iPod Touch on its iTunes Store, where you cannot only enjoy the latest applications for your device but can also facilitate yourselves and others by commenting on postcards.

Gogobot has worked really hard on providing a strong search experience for its users where they can find most suitable restaurants on the basis of their desired meal and distance.

It is now becoming a declared fact that to survive in the online market, it is the foremost essential task to gain the trust of Facebook, using this strategy, the Gogobot application got launched on Facebook this January when the social network exposed a swing of integrated applications, including Gogobot, which was already in use at that time and was launching in private beta around 18 months ago.

Now the latest updates show that Facebook social travel app Gogobot announced Yesterday , that is, Wednesday, that with the magnificent magic spell of Facebook, Gogobot has been able to hit as high as having 1 million registered users mark, which is really a huge figure. This application is now getting popularity with a massive increase in the number of followers. To be accurate, the research shows that there is a new user joining the site within every 15 seconds. As the number of followers are increasing, this is considerably increasing the places and experiences been shared on it, giving it additional credibility, at the moment there are more than 5 million places on the site. The overall increase in the number of memberships can be estimated up to 65 x year-on-years.

The Statistics of Gogobot progress shows that the site will soon hit a doubled figure of user marks, enhancing its business and providing a greater service pack to its users. So now, plan you vacations wisely with Gogobot and make your journey a good one;


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  1. As a blogger and travel writer, I am always looking for new websites that provide innovative ways to post content. Gogobot is interesting, entertaining and has amazing potential.

  2. Thanks for the sharing Nida, Gogobot is something i’m looking for other than WAYN.com
    recently i came across Fiked.com from Michael Dunlop. It looks good too..
    As a Travel Guide myself, i always love to learn/travel to a new place…
    oh…..gonna make more money..! 🙂

  3. Hey Warren, where have you been since so much of time buddy?
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